Mexico, President Trump, Texas discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


Michael good morning bob floodwaters have swallowed parts of used in as droppable storm harvey good zinni's the slam southeastern taxes this man at a houston shelter yesterday described waking up to a flood waters at his home at six a m fell off one of the night water was coming fast officials in fort bend county in houston solved southwestern suburbs they've issued widespread mandatory evacuation orders along the browsers river along the districts county judge robert herbert accorded an eight hundred year flood level david zone me the national hurricane center says harvey he is already dumped 25 inches of rain in some areas and it is far from over the upper texas coast could end up with storm totals as high as hit inches of total rain texas governor greg abbott says five hundred vehicles and more than a dozen aircraft a revolt in rescues we have now activated three thousand national guard and state guard service members at least three people have died from harvey the white house says president trump will visit texas tomorrow president trump renewed his pledge to make mexico pay for the construction of a border wall between the us and mexico trump tweeted yesterday with mexico being one of the highest crime nations in the world we must have the wall mexico will pay for its reimbursement mexico forcefully replied no chance because shooters meet today for talks to resume over the terms of britain's exit from the european union bloomberg's and wish art has more from brussels sex'n'sun treat david davis heads to brussels.

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