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We haven't seen all season devonta freeman and lost a fumble inside the two yard line giving life to the forty niners although they are pinned deep carlos hyde got about the long run but still the twenty one seven lead for atlanta but we haven't seen guys a falcon running back lose a football all season this is so you know they call some tweeting when mike you you mentioned someone it tweet but you don't use their their handle on their like when i say like man that randy scott guys super informative bond sportscenter but it is always crooked yeah but i don't i don't tag at randy scott _e_s_p_n you thrown a little shape right already just through a shade on all those devonta freeman fantasy owners that are played in the playoffs right now i still you know randy i know you're trick slow then then i'm and you'd sam thrown shaded my wife has my wife throughout the wife we laid either and and i would you do that isn't about to freeman already has a rushing touchdown in this game stir he's having a lovely day against the niners have the worst run defense in football is my magic but the falcons guys four hundred and twenty eight points scored coming into this game that is far and away the best in the national football league by more than seventy points and ball security has been a big part of that and that's why i kind of you know it's i make a wish right you see a a shooting star something rare like that you're going to you have a falcon running back football the run and lose it still a twenty one seven lead out there i'm going to theory i just saw this ninety seven alan branch for the patriots made a big stop and had and up subsequent they're a wasn't even anything crazy just a big fist pump you know the nfl cracks down significantly on on tell abrasions like the nfl like hates fun.

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