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Of the top story this hour search and rescue teams are working through the night they have in mexico city they've been pulling bodies out of rubble debris left by tuesday's devastating seven point one earthquake they're looking for survivors still american tourist george smallwood was in the airport when the shaking started who booed and with home men and women in every day ferry near streaming clan death toll risen to at least two hundred forty eight is search crews are still looking for survivors as i said officials say at least forty four buildings collapsed in mexico city alone is going to be a long long search now a couple of several days even a week trying to pull people out of all that hurricane maria meanti has made landfall in southeastern puerto rico as a powerful categoryfour storm that's wind speeds of one hundred fifty five miles per hour it looks very likely that the the eye of the system is gonna track from yourself you for more about the northcentral portion of the island so much of the island israeli going to see very intense when john cangelosi there at the national hurricane center he says a storm not expected to hit the continental united states but it is the strongest hurricane to hit puerto rico that ireland a us protectorate in nearly eighty years president trump in his first beach to world leaders of the un general assembly issued a clear statement on north korea saying that if the us is forced to defend itself or its allies it would have no choice but to totally destroy north korea president trump called on the un to issue tougher sanctions and openly criticized nations that have failed to cut economic ties the united states is ready willing enable what hopefully this will not be necessary that's what the united nations is four let's see how they do president's speech was characterized by its america first words and trump said every sovereign nation should put the needs of its own people before those of other nations are news time right now 705 four well the president gets very little credit for anything he does and.

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