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You're listening to the Zona coyotes radio network. Out of town scoreboard Edmonton. Calgary battle for Alberta early. Second one, nothing boilers. Sharks scoreless after one period of life from San Jose everything else's final Tampa Bay gives up four in the third period. And they still win some out six five in overtime over the flyers in Philadelphia for eight point two more gold braid point has fourteen goals. Already for Tampa Bay this season. Travis connect me a couple of goals for the flyers. Redwings when again, three two in overtime, Detroit. I nine two on the year. They get their victory today over the devils in New Jersey. Dylan barking is eighth penguins lose again that is eight of nine Pittsburgh has lost. Ottawa regulation. Six four. Critic Chuck is fifth. Mark stone a couple goals for Pittsburgh playing without Sidney Crosby. It's crystal tank getting his fifth of the year buffalo over the wild and Minnesota three to Jason Palmer Ville is nine Rasmusen lean his second career job goal. Of course, sounds the first pick in the draft this past June. Rangers double up the Panthers in New York. Four to Chris Kreider eleven blue jackets for hurricanes one Atkinson with a hat trick for Columbus. And that one circuit route thirty six gets the win Canadians over the next three to Jonathan drew Wendy's seven and the LA kings losing in LA. Well, one worst record in hockey. They fall in Nashville predators by a final five free arena. The win Nashville up next for the Coyote megacycles night to take a look at that next wrap things up..

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