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Dot com forward slash FedEx. I voted for Patrick Mahomes in the fifty touchdown passes. He threw this year was amazing. And I voted for Ezekiel Elliott, but you have to vote for the young buck and Patrick Mahomes, or you can vote for the two elder statesman and Philip rivers and drew Brees and on the ground side. You can vote for either saquon Barkley Todd Gurley. He'll be playing on Sunday or Zeki Elliott. Speaking of girly. What do you expect to see from him on Sunday coming off that kind of baffling performance in the NFC championship game? I think New England's can have the same game plan. They did against against Kansas City. They need to go in and run the ball and keep the ball out of golf sans. So I see them run the ball a bunch. And I think I look at the Rams team. And there are play action play action. Take a shot play. You know, if there's one thing bell checks gonna do. It's going to be taken away the play action shots the big post routes that Brandin cooks runs the goal balls. The Brandin cooks the big go ball he caught two weeks ago in New Orleans. He's gonna take that stuff away. So I think they just hand the ball off. I think early touches the ball twenty four twenty five times catches a couple screen passes. But I think this is a running football game control the clock. And the both these coaches gotta be thinking don't don't give them the time possession. We need to own the time of possession and run the ball efficiently and take our shots there. But we need to put this put this game and Todd girlies hands. And then Brady's hands at the end of the game in the fourth quarter. So who do you like I like the Rams you do I like the Rams I just collectively that that roster top to bottom? They don't have the experience. They don't have the rings that New England has, but it's extremely talented team from top to bottom from the corner position the defensive line in L A. As phenomenal offense lineman offense line play in L as phenomenal. And I know New England's been there bunch and they've done it. And they've they've won Super Bowls and they've been here, and they know this feeling in LA doesn't, but there's just so many good players in that Ramstein. A love that pig. I'm trying to get through myself. I love that pick final thought. If you're the Rams, I know you love their D line. The point is you gotta get to Brady you got knocked him off his spot. You gotta pressroom disrupt his rhythm. Nobody's done that not lately their offense allies kept him so clean. Do. You think? The Rams can get consistent pressure on him. Dante's Karnak is the best. He keeps trying to retire. And Mr. craft keeps writing he's making more than most college football, head coaches. I'm sure what they do up front with their front three. They jump set you. They don't let they're not gonna let Aaron Donald use his get off and come flying field. Most offense lines kickback and set New England jumps at you. And as you watch New England play there's always this this grouping in this smashing and Schwartzberg forty -fensive linemen and five offense lineman fallen into each other and tripping. But it creates this wall. And there's no gaps to get through. And if there's one thing Aaron Donald can do as he can split Negga or big apps, so he can wedge himself in between the garden tackle what they do by jump setting us. They're not gonna let Aaron get get a bunch of momentum coming off the ball. If they're in what one thing I could see them doing is moving him to the outside and rushing the edge of the tackle it remind me again in thirty seconds or less while you're not a full-time analyst Carson's because I love being retired. You got it. Carson Palmer joining me in person man, really good to see him. I appreciate you all the time. Person. Thanks you. All right. Carson palmer. Expertly done. And he's got the Rams we'll come back our number three next. Former ram great toy hall is.

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