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Will also say as someone who probably didn't pay attention as much as i should have to some of the marvel movies over the years i it is not a lie to say that i was confused at different times i wasn't quite sure of their you know what's going on who were there oh who's that who's preference over what are they doing that happened a few times but here's the good news that did not all take away from my enjoyment of this movie it is it is the ultimate superhero movie forget the justice this is what's also great about avengers infinity war is and this is the truth i thought about this in relation to our in relation to our radio station you know how people like it when we do either project down and dirty or one of us fills in on another show where we make an appearance and people like to see us together here you on lori and julia or don don don and people like that you know the the mixing of the combos people like seeing these heroes altogether from black panther and guardians of the galaxy and iron man they like to see you will get that in in kings and queens and spades and jokers in this movie that is one of the best that's one of the biggest strengths of infinity war is they give you plenty of that candy you see the guardians of the galaxy with with iron man and you see spiderman with iron more with iron man and spider man with doctor strange and it's there's a lot of that and that is a net positive for avengers infinity war to see this at theater oh without a doubt if you are at at the if you are even a minimal fan of these types of movies don't wait to rent this is a movie that should be big and loud and proud go seat in a movie theater with.

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