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And fast terry much longer in fact drunken stupor there's nowhere when will you see these folks being thrown into the back of a patio ugium thrown in rough i said please don't be too nice like when you guys put somebody in the car and you're protecting their head you know the way you put the handle like don't hit their head and they've just kill somebody on it i said you could take the hand away okay happened today hey guys imagine the president's day he goes to this meeting to this event in mirrors neares near worries from long island long island differ from queens and he may with law enforcement alabama thirteen gang and all that ministers that venture cargo again of course reasons that was sort of like really remarries during the campaign going hit the people and i'll pay your legal bills i mean he's is actually encouraging law enforcement to rough up suspects that's what we i mean that doesn't really help i mean people sued over that those officers are gonna get sued it is it time to the app now intial respect now while he was there they've fired ryan spree this as the as as his chief of staff and then when they lie and rights is with them and when he landed back at andrews air force base they left right on the tarmac innova alone is sitting in alone in the right there on the time tweeting out that he's gone the oh man man and when asked who now is the homeland security director they said there's no guidance on that yeah so stateowned because so maybe technically i just wanted to go a bit of credit here technically i said by august i bet spicer begun previous will be gone and at least one major cabinet member begun now this is a movement of a cabinet everybody is brought so technically i win the tribeca i win the back yard he wanted to you win and we all were why we always wear all loo i don't know what has happened this much disruption can't be good you know what i you know in a moment like this i have a fall beck bennett like do drink yes in a moment like this and that's why the.

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