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It's a you, man. I mean, you make you have a question. You know what? Your defensive coordinator and his ability, or you have to say, okay, if Jim Schwartz just wants to kinda run this very cover, three heavy defense gotta, make sure that he has corners in the outside who can deal with a little bit better. We gotta make sure Ronda MacLeod as healthy. That's kind of what got be on. So it's difficult to think of ways you immediately improve on this team. I think you know, looking at this, this upcoming trade deadline and eagles have clearly been discussed to be very aggressive in you've heard corners discussing. You've heard wide receivers discussed, I think, yes. Safety corner in defensive tackle depending on what TIMMY Jernigan is like in the building half to three spots. Your offense is fine. You know what I mean? I you put up seventeen points on the Panthers. You really should have put up more miscue boy Etampes opportunity here in there. Whatever. But I think the dead, your big question is absolutely defense in that. We gotta be looking at the trade deadline heavily this week. That's gonna be the important thing, man, Ben. Let's hear what the gentle listener has to say about this game. Let's go to three words. So what we do after every game at BGN underscore radio, we asked you for three words to describe the game win or lose, and we picked the best ones to read out. I'm sure there's over two hundred responses at at this point, so we'll try to get to the some of the best ones are just the ones that we see off top that peak our interest than that up. I do that two most liked comments are from at s. x. are see an at Tom, Christina, forty, four are, excuse me. It's drawn at c. e. m. o. green and lawn us and the verses restroom shorts. And the second is fired gym shorts. Nothing. The two most life comments, which I find very funny and do and bring in whom yester- at n d watts says, make the trade. Which I don't know which one? Yes. Ryan furnance says, season is over and while it does not feel like the Philadelphia Eagles are legitimate SuperBowl contenders machination sees out over in the sense that. Division title and playoff berth still very much insight. See, let's see. Let's see. We got so many fires difference fired. Get out, Schwartz, fire Schwartz immediately. There's a lot of them another five gym shorts. Oh, I've got three small would was open. Now. That's third down that was a bad one at king. Jordan says not in a, oh one which is Carson's audience of one thing. So is that saying like it's just not like the single Carson show 'cause I kinda get that one. I, that's a little clever poor, Michael Bennett. I like that one. My second best defensive line inside slash Cox, eagles team better than Brandon..

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