Chris, Melbourne, Florida discussed on Pop Culture Continuum - Episode 187: The Best Songs of 2016 Part 2


Hats hats on just reading what what they summer facebook page in it it's kind of nice i guess they faced enough contra snap a change in their their responses nice where ben what's make music i'm player music for fans were not here to call spin are my people atrocities of past there's not a job both ra control i guess so for my piccolo was ross a decent you're gon thing that i don't became made anybody think about atrocities for it didn't make me think of atrocities it made me think of up lockette adam sick to come up with anything footing but there's a been terrific you know but so hard to claim buddy to chris took raced to crank to no se another beer got a melbourne so who knows how they pronounce it very nineties sound to me yeah i reminds me of like some been gone the flying none label like the bats is who it really reminded me of just people are familiar with them so what is it you critics guard did never find that out i gotta be something they may i don't know you know that they have like who could lure a some bill a bongs and stuff over there dumpster to be something his pro now i'm not one person australia i thought that was in florida no i mean same difference really you know do have to cope chipper covers for yeah i like this one to its it's like just pretty basic but also to me it doesn't sound like american it i can it sounds kind like it's room over there or maybe europe people see together which i was like yeah i was like that mail female vote vocal c_a_a yeah we we have a soft spot for that what let's take a listen and older saludable take a break after that okay here in this q core took race hard to clean.

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