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I want wanna I want to be really really careful here because I don't want to appear to be attacking or arguing with a father who lost his son. But there are some things that this man said yesterday that I think he's being misled his name is Roland Harris. He held a press conference along with the Reverend Jared mop in front of Phoenix police headquarters yesterday, his son Jacob Harris was nineteen years old was shot by Phoenix police earlier this month after they say they were following him. Saw him in a and some other men enter a what a burger restaurant, rob the what a burger and then pulled over the car later on. They say it looked like he was going for a gun when he was shot. Now. Now, this father role in Harris and Jared mop in both say that they believe he was shot in the. Back. Police have not specified yet where he was shot. But. First off. I love a lot of what this role in Harris's saying, and I I I I can't imagine this guy's pain because we need to we need to acknowledge that some of the greatest people in the world ended up having terrible people for children and it works. The other way around to like, you could be terrible parents, and somehow or another the kids turn out to be great people. So I don't blame this role in Harris for how a son turned out of his son really truly was taking part in a in a robbery at a what a burger pullover light police, maybe it appeared he was going for a gun, and there wasn't one one. But the officers shot him, and he says he doesn't want any money. He doesn't want any money from the city doesn't want any money from the state. He says, I just want Justice for my son. But here's where I think things go wrong for Roland Harris who lost his nineteen year old son in a shooting with Phoenix police. He says. That we need to look at an officer involved shooting in Peoria that happened earlier this month where suspect who was armed came away with minor injuries. He says the parents need to call that officer. And thank that officer took a second to take a breath and take aim and shoot that suspect in the shoulder. And he said that officers need to learn how to handle armed suspects without killing them. Boy, I, you know, it's just. I wish somebody would have taken him aside and said, you know, what I'm gonna blame Jared mop on this one who stood by his side and said, you know, what maybe you shouldn't say that. Because let's be honest. It's a split second. When an officer decides to fire his weapon, and you are stopping to shooting to stop the threat. That's right. You cannot shooting to wound. You're not no no you are going for center mass. That's the biggest target, and you are shooting to stop the threat absolutely say, he should take a second to take a breath and take aim and shoot the suspect in the shoulder. It just it shows me dead by then there's there's an awareness of of of how these things unfold because they unfold like that like that. And it's so unfortunate. It's so unfortunate. And here's. This is going to continue to go on by the way, Jacob harasses casket apparently is going to be part of a March on MLK day as well. So they're going to be carrying around his dead son's body on on Monday. It is six eighteen now at KTAR, and it's time for our Rosie on the house helpful tip of the week. Do you find yourself sneezing or coughing, and you're not running a fever or have the flu? When was the last time, you changed your home air filters? This is Gary d with your tip of the week from Rosie on the house now, we've been hammering this important task for years. And yet we forget I do too but replacing air filters on a regular basis. Does two things one. It improves air quality in your home.

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