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Hey, I'm Sarah Gonzales, welcome to the news. And why it matters Glenn? What was the top story for you real refugees? And what it means to be refugee assume, you mean climate refugees because we're all going to die because of the climate, and I'm gonna tell you why. Okay. Good right, Andrew regime change at medieval times. I can't up store should be the top story should beat me on that. This can't I immediately time. So my kid I might do foreign correspondents report from that since it's in Dallas. Yeah. My taxes for we get into all of that. One of our sponsor, I target pro. It is the best way to learn. How to how to use your weapon is too dry fire, which is what I talk to. Yeah. So it's it's the best way for trigger control. And that is something that unless you're shooter. You just think it's aim, and which I am I using and pull, but it is actually true your your own gun yet. But you have to also know the slower you pull the trigger you need to know. You know, you have to be comfortable with pulling that trigger trigger is a really long pole is it. Yeah. Kind of gun. Do you have three eighty? It's like it's a three eighty. I mean, there's what what what is it? Okay. Yeah. But it's I mean, it's way longer than you think it is. So this has been amazing for me every time, I go and shoot. I always like, I'm pulling too hard. And now, I weigh more comfortable, and she once you just have the trigger. You don't need to spend all the money on munition. Yeah. She really have that trigger down. And this makes it into a you make your living room into a shooting range, which is great except you're not actually shooting crappy. You're not supposed to. Keeps shooting my iphone? It's fantastic. Anyone who owns a gun should have this in their household? You can go to target pro right now and get free shipping and save ten percent. If you use promo code news that is target pro dot com. Glenn real refugees..

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