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Years, so but But, yeah, There's a lot of fixes for those just let me know ahead of time and we'll try to get those parts around it up. Try to get you in there and maybe maybe get you out without taking too awful long, and we appreciate your call Charlie and folks that's going to open up a couple more lines. You know if you all want to hop on board and talk about your car, got a car question. That's 844580 wdbo 8445 80 w, D. B o and you'll be one of the first up. As soon as you want to call in and you'll get your car, your car question logged in and and we'll get you in line and get get it answered for you like Chris said earlier. It won't cost you a dime and we just sit around. Have some good conversation here on a Saturday afternoon and talk about your vehicle. How's that? That's right. Not a thing. Not a dime free 99 as we like to say, 8445809326. We're going to go to Jimmy as more people can call in here for four. 580 Wdbo. Jimmy, you are now on with the magic mechanic. What's going on? How are you doing, Mom? Good, Jeremy. Good. Good. Yeah, I've got a Lexus. Ls 400. She's a 1990. And how about 22 years, So Wow, I can't. Yeah, she looks pretty. And she's nice hauls ass up. Um My question is you're dying. I got home to work in our so the car up and I didn't have any backsliding because Alexis hires that backlighting on the speedometer and attack leader and the fuel gauge in South And none of the gauges worked out. So I wondering if it's just as simple as a possible cues or Right? You know that it went, I went and I pulled up. Um I pulled up technical service bulletins on that 1990 model car. If you can believe we still have that information. And Jimmy, one of the things they had in there, And then this was in between 90 and 1991. They had a situation to where you think about that. That's 30 years ago now. They had a situation where they started replacing those instrument clusters with another one. Evidently Lexus had problems with those back then, and they went to a different design. Um, they had problems with the speedometer. I and, and some sort of lighting is what I gathered out of the reading the context that they had in that technical service bulletin. Of course, you know, those are those those have went away many, many years ago. There was no special policy adjustments or anything like that. But it was amazing that that stuff still logged, you know for a 1990 model Lexus. Have you checked the fuses? Uh, yet, Jeremy. Go ahead. Have you checked the fuses yet? That all having told you about to work on Monday, so I'll get my head down at the park. Okay, You will have a you should have an under hood fuse and relay center. And then I think there is that think there is another fuse block? That is The best I can tell. Yeah, it's under the dash. I'm not 100% sure on whether it's on the driver or passenger side, but I believe it there. On the kick panel side Now you know how to check. Do you know? Do you know? Let me let me tell you. Have you ever checked all your fuses with a 12 old test like before? Walking. Married when I get into a lot of what it is before, replaced all of you that something else was next. Well, yeah, but you know a lot of fuse. Usually a fuse will last forever. Unless there's something wrong too many amps. Um, but just take a 12 Volt Tesla and just ground it, make sure they one end is grounded. And then turn your key and in your case, I would probably term a park lights on, too. So that away molded just running through any any dash or park light circuit that away. Everything's got power being requested. And you're going to want to just take that 12 Volt Tesla to both sides of the fuse and make sure if you get one side that's lit up and the other side doesn you found a culprit right there? But But check that check all of them The ones that I need the hood and the ones under the dash like that, and you'll probably come up and find the culprit for it to be completely dead for him to be completely dead. You're probably you. You might be very well dealing with the power supply problem and the fuses definitely where you want to start with that once you do this testing and everything, whether it be this week or next week, Make sure you call back and tell us what you found Jimmy. And if I can be a further help for it, um, might need to help you track down apart. We may have to track down another, uh, instrument cluster. So if that's the case, you don't hesitate to holler back at us, and we'll see if we can't around one up for that gorgeous old 1990 Alexis. Generator. I think Larry loves to go hunting for parts. I know that for sure. Sounds good. Thanks for the call Jimmy. Thanks for the call there. Jim 844580, Wdbo 8445809326. We're going to hit the three big things you need to know and come back. We've got Ray Luke rich, and that's more open lines 844. 580 Wdbo 8445809326 You're listening to the magic mechanic Show on Wdbo one of 73 FM and am 5 80. Now.

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