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Want to touching me i will probably touch a couple times throughout. The ride is distracting drive. You know how when people get dressed in the morning they say like oh i'm gonna put on a nice outfit for my my guy and my girl or oh. I want to put on a cute outfit for that person at work. Well this morning. I put on my grow gusau. I couldn't tell what i'm been wearing ankle socks for donald so handsome unhappy is happy with it. I'm not happy you want them. I'll give them to you right after. I wear them today funk them all right slept in the bed in our underwear are underwear back to back. Baby that's how close we are. We've spooned spoons like there was no there was no like my my groin in touch your booty all right so all right so road trip. We rolling. We're rolling rolling over the first ever road trip addition of the podcast doctors. Real friends in tucson. Thank you for sponsoring this Episode of our show and we came up with this really cool idea to do an episode where we drive around hollywood and talk about some places that really influenced me and donald's lives while in hollywood. Yes and we're starting in the valley where we're gonna live now. We're not going to say the street that so if you if discrete pretty hard to find you in the valley but donald limps or may not live in the valley and So what year. let's start. Let's start at the very beginning. Was i moved out here. I'm going to be honest with you. Like i just know they were too high is no i was like in my twenties. I was twenty one. Twenty two twenty three. I knew. I know it's been so long like i've lived here longer than i lived in new york. I grew up in new york born and raised in new york. And so when i moved out here i was like i don't know i won't say i was high but i was very young and i've been here longer than i lived in new york for and so i couldn't tell you the exact year like if you ask me what year rocco was born. I just learned that it was two thousand thirteen that when you might want to commit the he's the one who teaches me that shit. That's the craziest thing you've smoked away. That part of your memory. Yeah okay. I smoked a lot of shit. Go memory exercises. I couldn't remember short ribs for some reason. The word short short ribs. I was like what kind of ribs are those their beef but they're like they're not beef ribs but they're and i was like flank ribs week. That's so cool when that comes up like tried to tell ya when you signal in your dashboard. The camera on the side shows you. What's on your side of the next time you signal and get a picture that is. I never seen that before. That is honestly very very cool. Because i'm always worried about my blind spot. You know what i'm saying. Who blocks to be a good. This reminds me of swingers. Guess hard cuts right before they get to vegas vegas. That's not vegas either. Were the shot at know where they were. They the first lights that you see when you're going towards vegas vegas it's barstool isn't by far sta Well that's pretty cool. I like that. This is pretty. I mean this meant to be like a family car. it's pretty. It's pretty sexy. Look pretty pretty hot driving my ally. You look good. Thank you very much guys. Because i realize it's like you know you can have a family car but it's made for sexy dad's like you so you even look at your meal. Always look at your not. I was thinking like you know because you're not like the greatest driver in the world. And i was thinking about how happy i was. The tucson has all these safety features. Excuse me up the greatest drive a good driver. But you're not necessarily like the greatest disagree with the tucson has on the greatest driver i am. I am the greatest on the track. You know what it is. I feel like i'm peter quill and your rocket raccoon. Do you know what that means. He's the casting the captain and then you guys pay over who ship this really is on no hot choo choo. He knows complains a lot. Like your drive probably but you never hear hans. Say anything like you know. We'll show you can do so much better than do it. You never hear han. Say that. I don't know if he complains about driving i think to do you think chewy likes working for han. Han paint chewy not equal money. So whenever they do an assignment big they split it. I mean we don't need clothes so it doesn't have to pay for that. Who never seen poo anybody star wars. I think the mandalorian the first time we ever saw a toilet in star wars star wars champion on your other five. Donald tesla. more about your. You don't remember the year you came out how long until you got part. I came out west california so much earlier than i moved right and my mom was like my mom kept telling me. That's a mistake all you're going to do is get there and you're not gonna have any money and you'll be back because of that makes a lot for the confidence mom. She was like when you go to california. You should go because a job brings you there. I was like okay. Fine so the goal was how can i get a job that shoots in la so in clueless happened and they were talking about making the television show. I remember thinking this is my way out. This is my way outrage slow. The clueless movie. You were still living in new york. Yes and where did you shoot. The clues movie in los angeles. You came out to shoot up but then moved back to new york right and at that point i made friends with seth. Green and brechin meyer. Where did you live while you're making the coolest movie at the. I smoked it away. No i didn't smoke in a way. I just don't know the name of it but it's right off of Lhasa okay so yeah. It was like an apartment slash hotel. But i've made friends with brechin. And seth already. And so. I was like you know i was telling the audience the tallest merging onto the one on one dangerous highways in the world. You getting on the freeway so not. I'm not stacey dash. Can you turn around your screen. Face the camera.

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