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Diva at times if I don't feed them on time hall to let you know that they'll they're upset and it actually crossing loves him but none the less there's been a lot of time together inside this is Stan what area home and this is likely where he'll stay after crossing heard a domestic pet rabbit died of a highly contagious virus on orcas island earlier this month and I know I'm kind of far from work as island I don't think I'll be taking him outside the summer our HD is a viral disease that can cause sudden death in rabbits it poses no risk to humans or other animals but the state says it's spread through contact with infected rabbits their meat or for or anything they've touched the disease was confirmed and feral rabbits in British Columbia early last year and is already had ten spots in and around Vancouver Island ever since you don't normally tell that they're sick until the very last minute so you have to be very close I right now there is no vaccine available in the U. S. something crossing or would like to see changed rabbit owners are urged to protect their animals from the disease by washing their hands before and after working with rabbits and not sharing equipment with other owners the state department of agriculture also recommends burying dead rabbits to reduce the risk of transmission and no one should move feral or domestic rabbits from orcas island I think it's more of a concern because that is a very tourist spot so what people are coming and going from different areas crossing there's big concern keeping Wesley healthy she would hate the thought of losing is an important part of her life couple news okay contrary to what some Tennesseans believe there is no such thing as a math Gator the Laredo Tennessee police department created the character of the critter is a humorous illustration of the dangers of flushing drugs and other substances down the toilet word of the Gator.

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