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Use the promo code. Elvis phone with a friend of mine yesterday. He says you know. I was talking to the gang from back in the day. I said yeah so. Do you wanna play game white. What are you talking about. You play game like you. Tell me something you feel about me and i'll tell you something i feel about you because we were talking about you yesterday. What i as. Okay you go first. What game is this. We all agree. We love you elvis but only in small doses do that. I'm not gonna say the love you but only in small doses cop. It's compliment even a compliment. There's an okay. Wow have you ever been told that the truth you're crate but i can only just be around a little bit because you drive me insane or i always learned that when you say something that has the but in it like that everything before the but is negated by what comes after the budget. She's really pretty but she's kind of annoying. You just mean she's kind of annoying. There's post but right. Yes we like you but in small doses all right well. Let's have a little little honesty session. Do you think. I think that's how my wife feels about me right. Oh she definitely a frog now around these people or when i'm around anyone. I'm going to get less of a dose. Don't do that. it's like a walk by. And my maybe i should just shut up disliked. Everyone else fill in the blanks. Fine nash notes. Most people don't deserve you elvis. It's all of you are nothing is safe which that scary. David brody. But in small doses. Oh my god lena's david. Did you hear what he said. I cannot listen to him i really. He's a fake friend..

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