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I can't see a doing it's not quite not quite my ammo so am i brouwer up growing i can see yet yeah so that was the challenge for meaning would and what did you do to sell that just state and introvert or what i think i'm still learning took even today i mean again we're all we're all learning beings and so i still learn how to make shrimp communicating well and and um you know particularly uh with everybody that i interact with i want to make sure that they know that i care about them but sometimes because i'm an introvert i get you know go inside buy head sometimes rifle is a challenge right and when it because you're in a social business stars is a social gig it is it you have to serve impress people neither are the investors are investing in new or the entrepreneurs he want to give your money to right well i you know and and the advantage of being an introvert is that i can think things through mud in great depth in a way that's i think super helpful to some of our companies and um in our team that's the positive side of that so you know celebrating in in in not not giving up on the positive element of that will continue to grow as this what we'll do our jennifer fun instead thank you so much this really interesting talking to you uh jennifer is the cofounder of aspect ventures it was you're talking thanks for coming on the show thanks for having me awesome you enjoy the interview as much as i did be sure to subscribe to the show be the first listener future episodes or catch up on previous episode you can find nearly 200 eric we from two hundred past interviews and whatever app you use to listen to this are on our website rico debt net slash podcast if a minute please leave us a review on apple podcast that helps other people find the show if you'll be itself by southwest in march i have some exciting news will be doing some live podcast their bucks is taking over the bell amount about 10minute walk in the austin convention center you can learn more at box media dot com slash s x s w hyphen two thousand eighteen now that you're done with this you.

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