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So just to recap the the the the device that they use it's so the spacecraft itself off. Roaches the surface of the asteroid bennu or did this last week? In fact, whether it kind of almost like a miniature backhoe stretched out which contains a device on the end, which is called tag. Sam & Tags is an acronym for touch-and-go's sample acquisition mechanism. It's great. I love it, but I don't mind that one. I don't mind that one at all. It's got that sort of feeling of you know, just touching the surface to it. Hasn't it tag, sir? Yeah tag. Yeah like the game exactly. So so this is so sort of shaped like a, you know, a pan Which collects the the sample And then the Apparently is is a mylar flap which is meant to see or shut once the sample has been collected wage, but they were so successful with the tag, son that some of the some of the bigger bits of soil and dirt that didn't go through the page properly of wedged it open. No, you know, they've been they've collected more than they expected to and that essentially means that first of all they they had the possibility of collecting if they didn't feel they'd got enough they have the possibility of collecting another sample wage. I think the 11th of January, but that I think is now been ditched because they feel they've got enough in fact as as the NASA bulletin says because the first sample collection event log So successful NASA's science Mission directorate has given the mission team the go-ahead to expedite sample storage in originally scheduled for the 2nd of November in the spacecraft sample-return capsule two million, minimize further sample loss. So there's this separate capsule the SRC the sample-return capsule, which they've got a stove the sampling and what there's a quote from Dante lauretta who's the principal investigator for Osiris Rex University of Arizona off the abundance of material we collected from benu made it possible to expedite our decision to stove this team is now working around the clock to accelerate the storage timeline so we can protect as much of them this material as possible for return to earth. Now. This is where it gets tricky because what was expected to happen with this storage prestige. Was that a Cyrus Rex would run autonomously through a sequence of events. And so that's what they're doing now is saying no, we don't want that to happen. We want this to be done. So carefully carefully enough that we don't lose soil to space off. So they gotta do it all by hand. In other words send a command Watch What Happens and and then send the next command Watch What Happens the problem is? You've got thirty seven minute delay between sending the command and knowing what it's done because the signal travel time at the moment between Earth and the spacecraft is 18.55 minutes. So each step means that you've got a wait for 37 minutes while you take the step and then wait to see what's happened in in the in the concierge. Since it's going to be very very painful, I think Andrew this is probably happening as we speak because it's scheduled for the 27th of October us time. Yep..

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