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Super super interesting. And i also want to add like the people who recognize this the most are actually the founders. Like the defy founders. Who came tracy. No finance welding like saul both worlds so good. Example is hugh carp nexus mutual for where before he started nexus or fifteen years he was the cic cfo of munich Large insurance company. And then whenever he shows up next is's kpi's in dashboards to his brains nutritional world. They're all like blown away because like those people. I can never find a dashboard on for their traditional unsure about kpi's such as active premiums enforce price to book like all these like fundamental kpi's which are hidden quarterly pdf's whereas a because next mutual is on chain on a theory. You can get all that data in real time. And it's just it amazes done like how much transparency there is for defy yay. And one other thing. I would add to it is. It's not even just the unchain metrics but even just being able to see how the community is talking in the forums because normally for a company or whatever the decision makers whatever. Their thoughts are would be hidden. They wouldn't be something that would be each available to any random shareholder. But in a crypto community you can kind of see like what is a community saying where sentiment going like that kind of thing and so that also is another difference. ra so let's drive now into these metrics. And i actually so even though you know. The topic is kind of like east. Broadly which is composed of fewer different topics. I really wanna start with. Nfc's because that's where the action is nowadays. And when i was doing research for this episode mine was just kind of blown because You know if you've been listening my show. I haven't really done much. Nf except for the infinity. And so i was just like whoa but anyway all right. So what are the notable aspects. You're seeing in energy market right now especially when it comes to unchain metrics will i like open seas like Barricade completely exploited like monthly volume. I saw the other day. That only thirty something companies in the world that has like over a billion in giambi In like open see is like on pace to be like one of those in lake. They've the company's only been around for like about three years saigal. A lot of the volume growth has been driven by. Pfp's which are like these avatar projects That i know people like to trade in speculate on and also like us as avatars in like open seas like then benefiting from just the in the marketplace for searching discovery for these avatars. So that's been one of the big trends in and of ts in the last few weeks. And what is the pfp. A product profile picture. Oh okay. I think we're crazy to see when the the open sea volumes is how it shut up to i guess around the hundred million in trading volume amongst in like earlier this year and it felt like that was like read an explosive moments and then came a little bit down in april or something and now it's like seven hundred million so far in august so it's like it's insane when you see some of these focus sticks sort. Play out wherever you'd think that. Oh that that was like the p and then that just absolutely north months later. Wow wait no. It's seven hundred billion for august million You see seven hundred sixty five million only about half the months so far. That's crazy because the volume in july was three hundred and twenty five million so okay so the reading more than doubled july and it's only been less than half of the month. Okay well yeah. And i did it. Also see glass node report. That said that sixty three thousand addresses interacted with open sea in july. But that in the first three days of august alone over twenty thousand addresses had interacted with open. See so at that like now. It's up to ninety two thousand with the first how well okay throwing all their. Kpi's have like a dwarfed i- all of august is dwarf. July's it's not been the end of the month. Yeah we're not even halfway through just also in case people don't ok. P stands for key performance indicator public. It's all out there. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah which will put. We'll put that in the show notes. So when you see all that like you know do you. Do you get a sense of what is driving this interest in tease. Or who's getting into the space or like why it's growing so exponentially. I had this mental model that Defiance crypto for elites and like. Nfc's is a crypto for normies. And like the reason. I say that is like defy Kind of higher barrier to entry one gas fees of price out a lot of people in like two. There's a lot of financial vocabulary eating analogy. You need to know like what. What's a perpetual swap. Like how options work is a lot of trading terminology. Which is why. A lot of the defy activity has been driven by wales and traders like more sophisticated people whereas nfc's Like when i explained. Ftc my parents. They understood immediately Just because it's very relatable to most like everyday people on because you're you're like buying a culture in like investing in like athletes aren't music entertainment and like that's just something that's Retail people understand. Becker which is why. If you look kind of mainstream media coverage you saw like nf t.'s. Crossed the chasm to mainstream attention. Much faster than a defy. And can you tell us how it was that you explained here parents. Because i'm just curious to hear how you would explain it. To a non crypto person. I like the best analogies like collectibles like things like sports cards..

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