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Com Charles what's. Going, on hi Joe you hit it. Right on the head of it I wanna let you know I know a campaign worker okay with the door work camping here in San Antonio and the excuse that, they gave them is that they. Were gonna hit them hard on all kinds of issues but one more so than other it, was, LGBT rights and at. Head as you well know is one of these people that hey he looks at people. He looked at their accomplishment that, he can extend olive branches and that's what they did and so basically when Bethel Robert at the debate often it came down the pike that they the person that John Cornyn and Ted recommended or a Nash nomination for a. US marshal ship who's a part of the LGBTQ was approved and the president approved it and so that's one of the biggest things that he was going to tell, them, how, he, discriminates against the liberals. And, you know l.? D. People that don't believe in family values and you know what I'm saying if Ted extended an olive. Branch and they did it and that's why I work at backed out because he was going to get a real. Hard on that on Friday Well but Charles it wasn't about? LGBTQ on Friday I thought it was about the economy, and taxes now no but see you gotta understand the way the way this second coming of Robert Kennedy thing though He was to go all dislike the radical. Right now that they don't like Ted they're going to tell one thing they're gonna do another. They were going to have, so many people. They're actually day that's another words they were. Trying to set about and, that's one of the, issues that, we're gonna hit them on trust the. Idol back them I just know these people, I get it I don't. Think I don't think you're wrong and as I think is? I, think to myself you know could could bay to- have more Robert, could he have? Hijacked the debate and, said, this is way more important you hate gays and you hate this and you hate that yes he could have done? That, might have, actually worked out for him but. Guess what if that goes away Charles why not still, show, up for the debate and debate them on the actual issues that were supposed to be discussed I agree with you, whole heartedly but this is. The coward's at that man is he's not January that's why? He, won't with Joe and I'm glad that you're out there leading the, fight thank you? Joe I rather all, right, thank you Charles we appreciate you idiot eight nine four one seven two four seven carry you hear anything like that I haven't actually. That that's, interesting. What I be surprised that, somebody, wanted, to, hijack, a, debate, nickel out. Something that it wasn't sure I would I would absolutely I I would not be surprised that they would do that But that's, an, interesting, take, I had not heard. All right it's eight eight eight nine four one seven two four seven. Joepags dot com we come back Kerry pleased, to have that story from New Mexico ready probably have to circle back to it tomorrow but this is a, story that people need to hear about how bad some laws can be in. Some states New Mexico and and. How judges. In my opinion aren't, doing the right job joepags dot com coming right back You're. Listening to joepags.

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