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They read my son bedtime stories this is the best month of my life because i just sat back and i i read books and watch movies it was a wonderful experience more recently i wrote an article for esquire called a rat about radical honesty and this is a movement where this is started by psychologist in virginia who says that you should never ever lie except maybe during poker engulf this only exceptions and more than that whatever's on your brain should come out of your mouth so i decided i would try this for months this was the worst month of my life i do not recommend this at all to give me a sense of the of the experience the article was called i think you're fat so our my most recent book my my previous book was called the know it all and it was about the year i spent reading the encyclopaedia britannica from atoz in my quest to learn everything in the world or more precisely from act which is a type of east asian music all the way to zivie h which is why don't want to ruin the ending it's a very exciting twist standing like a henry novel so i won't ruin it but i love that one because that was an experiment about how much information one human brain could absorb although listening to kevin kelly you don't have to remember anything you can just google it so i wasted some time there but.

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