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And Haroon. It's been coming for quite a while now. But today is finally today that chrome, the chrome browser has released a new version which mocks HTTP sites has not secure dent. Then. Yeah, I I've kind of got mixed feelings on it, like like I know the general security response is about time as to sell all the things, but Dave line has. This is really interesting post up, and he basically says, look, Google's a guest on the web. We all guests on the web and guests don't make these rules, and he goes into a bunch of reasons. Some of them like suddenly I hadn't thought about one of them just being debt. Like when you on the web pot of these in the web is special is because we all made a promise not to break things, and he says like, we didn't want a o. l. in the ninety s we didn't want someone telling us this is safe up there for this walled. Garden exists and essentially talks about lots of sites that nobody's going to bother to go in SSL. He says, like, did make us. He stuff I did catch that priced actually. Exactly. So so there's lots of legacy stuff. F- that's not worth someone taking the effort to now go in SSL. And what is that stuff just going to drop off the internet like like today, it's going to be mopped down and then in in a it disappears because now it's no longer getting Google juice because nobody's able to visit it anymore. So. So it's definitely aggressive. Yeah, it is. It is aggressive. And I think another point that's somewhat valid is that you know, it makes you know anytime anyone wants to publish anything on the web, they need the blessing of a CIA, right? Which is like an odd little choke point to be introducing to the web, but it's not like that Content's going to be removed. I mean, you'll still be able to configure your browser to use high t p I've just noticed like so much over brought discussion on this because, okay, there's a couple of downsides and is a couple of upsides, but the people who are proponents of this, like all my God, this will stop so much content injection over the, you know, the clear web and people getting owned by men in the middle. And I'm like, who the hell's getting armed by. By getting that way. Like it's not really the biggest problem we're facing right now. You know what I mean? It's all the pieces you need. I'd like seasonably easy for people to understand a reasonably grandiose statements to make a which means it's ten to decide at route fall a team. I just find it look as I say. I find it kinda hard to get emotional about this one, and I've certainly in the minority there and I don't want to check that's going to have on my site for example, because it is it's a tale is encrypted site, but the MP threes are on like a media box that doesn't have. I don't know what that's going to do. So I'll find out later today, I guess now of course, I'm just back from a holiday and usually big things happen when I'm on holiday. And in this case it was the US department of Justice. Indicting, twelve, Russian GI. You people over the DNC hack lots of arm flapping around this one, but you know, I, I think it seems like a reasonable response from from the US government. Don't you. Yes, so much so much. Interesting. The sleigh like while you were gone, the whole of stuff came to head. So there's a few interesting angles for us would they died and one of them I'm visiting ex NSA towel analyst of food pretty popular. Tweeter Melwood, Jake and Melwood. Jake was one of the people who came out strongly against the Dighton wants. And his question was, well, what does this do to people who looked at NSA will defense contractors, but does it mean they don't get to several anymore? And so I know there was some concern over debt, and then there was just some interest over. Does this actually achieve anything and people pointing out? Well, yes, it sends a message for one and it makes sure that those agencies find it harder to recruit because now when data crude to someone that person doesn't get to travel anymore. So yeah, I on the whole. I. I found it interesting and I find it perfectly reasonable..

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