Donald Trump, El Paso, Dayton discussed on Tom Moore


The fairies laid on the media most executives blame it on trump primed and his policies regarding a the the terrorists and he said it's not his fault and Betty lots of things we can talk about the economy secondly again like last week we gotta talk about gun control the issue of guns during this last week not only did we have last week do we have did we have el Paso in Dayton but in this last week we've had shoot outs in Missouri in Florida and Philadelphia that I can recall all of them had one thing in common they all use a are fifteen rifles we gotta talk about the issue of getting rid of those darn guns these and your thoughts on what's going on the economy gun control and lots of other things the Tom more short for one no nine two two six six Saito this is talk radio six eighty WCBS get ready for the real deal Baltimore time now for that Tom Moore show back to top more sure four one oh nine two two six six eight a couple of things we can talk about tonight one of top of.

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