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We're gonna talk a little Doug Marone right now, and you may say Sack. What do you do in hosting a national radio show? Previewing Texans and Jaguars were not really previewing Texas and Jaguars because that is a bum game. But Doug Marrone has coached some bum quarterbacks. You look at the career of Doug Marrone, six, and 10 and Buffalo nine and seven in Buffalo. Then let the organization Jacksonville. One and one got hired after week. 14 remember used to be coach Syracuse to before Buffalo, then 10 and 65 and 11. Six and 10, and this year is off to a one in six starts. And actually Wasn't it? I want to see it was in Buffalo. Where everyone thought he was going to take the Syracuse quarterback because he knew him. Ryan Nassib, who ended up getting drafted by the Giants, talk about bum quarterbacks. He drafted E. J manual that year. The Florida State quarterback, So the reason I'm bringing this up is this upcoming weekend. Jake Ludden, Jake Lewton. However you say, is them not all that quite familiar. I know that Jake was a quarterback in college at Oregon State. Um, was he drafted? I think he was drafted this year. Let me get 2026 round pick 189th. Overall. The reason we're bringing this up, I saw a tweet today. This is from Mark along who works for The Associated Press. It covers the Jacksonville Jaguars. Doug Marrone. Coach the NFL for two years with the Buffalo Bills. And now is a lame duck coach. You would think because you knew has taken over this team this year and was going to be coaching this team this year to get fired and the Jaguars had this great fall from grace where they were 10 and six in his first full season as the coach. They were in the NFC championship game. Now played the Patriots in the first half than he got passive right at the end of the first half, and Gilmore had a big pass break up at the end on Blake Bortles. That team was A half away from going to the Super Bowl. And now ever since then, the whole team is different there. Five and 11, 6 and 10 and now one in six Well between Buffalo and Jacksonville. These are the quarterbacks that Doug Marrone had to coach. In Buffalo..

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