Costco, Ed Davey, Government discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak Europe


Dependent on oil and gas And the government's got to get its energy policy right but in the short term it's got to help people face with these crippling costs of energy And just finally quickly on the prospect that energy could then also have a knock on effect to inflation Do you think that there is a serious concern for instance on things like food prices as well Oh we're seeing food prices go up motoring costs go up heating Costco up general inflation I'm afraid is going up up and up And all the government seems to be doing in responses to putting people's taxes up at the same time That's why I live in Democrats have called for a whole package of meshes to help the less well off Plus a cut in vat across the board A tax cut that would give 600 pounds for every household would actually cut inflation would boost the high street That's a sort of bold measure we need to see in response to this emergency We need an emergency budget with those sorts of bold measures to help families and help our economy because they're taking a big hit So that was the Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey on his visit to Poland talking about what he thinks the British government should be doing in terms of helping refugees will be talking about this further on Bloomberg Westminster today 12 new lunchtime that is our deep dive into UK politics that we do every day The labor MP Andy MacDonald will be joining me We had of course the conservative MP Cheryl in McCrory on yesterday on this very issue She was saying that her constituents are.

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