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He wanted a few guys. That won't always walked away from it and had a semi normal life and lived to tell about it. Yeah I've definitely seen this guy. I'm but your story. Your story breaks down. Hold on here. Let me just His I love this stuff. the Mister Sarah Volare Tony. Limo Aka Tony Limo Right. That was his nickname. You don't write that okay. The federal indictment in Baltimore involving Cumberland Airlines charges that Mr Cerebral Tony. Limo thirty six years old under his alias. Anthony Steel so he. He had another aliases. Well purchased Cumberland Airlines in February. Nineteen Ninety from the owner. Alfred Nicholson using fraudulent financial documents. He wired Mr Nicholson financial documents. Showing that the shareholder's equity in coastal Maine was worth more than forty three million dollars in the company's total assets were fifty six million Mister several promised to pay fifty thousand dollars to shareholders in Cumberland Airlines along with two hundred and fifty thousand shares of coastal main stock. Mr Nicholson said. He was told that the stock was worth about four dollars a share at the time but ultimately and I'll just fast forward to it. His basically coastal Maine didn't even exist and was worth nothing. So he he. He basically bought an airline with stock and a promise to pay shareholders in stock and cash from a company. That really didn't in exists. The the indictment says the coastal main stock was totally worthless And then he depleted most of Cumberland Airlines assets by traveling around the country at the company's expense the play the planes were later repossessed by Mercantile Bank. That's pretty hysterical. You a whole store. Sometimes you make story. How Am this ad? Can't I find the little x? Here to to give you the headline it's not. I don't know this Aaron. Stay away from me. We're not getting close to the air. Wants to come over and help and I don't want him anywhere near me. God knows where he's been All right well. That was a good story. That was a good story. I don't know how we got to it. From Tiger King but overall tiger king was certainly worth you know this corona virus shutdown quarantine. Hunkering down situation you know. Basically you know seven episodes forty minutes an episode. So you know we're talking about whatever you know somewhere in the neighborhood six our commitment. Your.

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