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Nebraska state police of female state trooper slaps a lawsuit against the state of nebraska former heads of the nebraska state patrol which is what it's called and a doctor she alleges female state police recruits routinely are subjected to humiliating physical invasive exams just imagine supposedly for hernias paul hamill state capital reporter the omaha world herald in lincoln nebraska with us live for delaware news at noon paul tell us more about the allegations in the lawsuits the extent that this seemingly or allegedly occurred in any reaction so far hey will do you know it's pretty outrageous claim here from a female uh a group hurry in our own them we tried to call doctors and we can couldn't find wandering head while this is this is how you look for ernie i you know i have a woman disrobing no it cannot be blared exposure generals and the other side so it in the backdrop here in nebraska we've had a couple other incident involving a patrol where there's been an allegation the people who top or trying to cover it up to to not allow something embarrassing to be out in public policy just one more example of this so is there some corroboration of this as any other woman come out to say yeah of you this is a truth oh what yeah there's another woman is going to file a lawsuit now file it yet but you did yeah painting abner noor and this was however a doctor performing this and was it at a doctor's office or at the state police patrol barracks are where it was a contract dr you know they hired a firm to do these pre employment physical and the dog dr arnn we've not com commented the company has not commented but he in a lawsuit indicated that this was the examination he was required to do by the state patrol there was really clear it's unclear patrol does require a hernia examination but out how you do that so i think there's some question about whether this doctor may have gone are you know so goes to whether it's the doctors judgment or whether there was anything from the state patrol that hired him suggesting that an invasive procedure was required by two doctors weary evola medical professionals were able to talk to yesterday said.

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