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They investigating the signal thing yet or not in new mexico. It appears that the ball is firmly in the court of hector balderas the ag of the state of new mexico and there is deafening silence. Coming from Him since he said that he was looking into it. But let me add it since. This is a deprivation of What is it. Fifth amendment rights to due process because evidence is being destroyed It is also jurisdiction of one merrick. Garland garland the us attorney. General in charge of the department of justice and the department of justice happens to have had for a decade An open investigation into the albuquerque police department for quote patterns and practices that violate federal law. And these are also patterns and practices that violate federal law. So maybe the department of justice might look into this well. I don't know if they're going to look at the albuquerque police department and the new mexico new mexico department of children's services as the sort of same investigation. But they certainly should. Somebody certainly should be looking into this. But ultimately i mean the investigation for the albuquerque. Police departments been going on for a decade. How many police officers have jailed. Well none by but it's really not about the ourselves and we found we're actually innocent. I mean we are just as shocked as you are but the Turns out we we we find ourselves completely innocent and very good looking go ahead. Yes so the way that the you'd doj investigation at apd goes. That is that. There's an attorney that was appointed by the department of justice who gets paid multimillions of dollars every year for keeping the investigation going and then as long as he continues to report that Apd is still being bad boys and girls that he still gets his multi millions of dollars a year to keep the investigation going. That's how that goes. But what i what. I was peeing on the head. Yeah yeah that's exactly right. What were you keying on. Get to be the ones investigating themselves. They get paid extra to do so. Cute yeah true except at. Apd is not investigating apd the federal government investigating apd and the federal government contractor. Is the one that gets the millions of dollars a year And the apd officers get to complain. So but the the the key was the phrase pattern and practice. That's when they're when there's one Federal violation that's just a lawsuit but when there's a pattern and practice that has demonstrated that's what triggers the jurisdiction and gives the doj standing to open an investigation. It's just one case than it has to go to the federal court as opposed to the department of justice opening an investigation. I gotta say. There's not very many instances where i've been terribly happy with the results of these these investigations. I will say there was a town in florida. And it wasn't the i wasn't the. Fbi was the department of It anyway there was there the florida's version of the fbi the Dfl something or other fd l. fdle. That's it for the department of and they investigated this town a waldo and waldo speed travel like that was it that that's how they made their money speed trap and finally i just shut down the police department from waldo and said no. We're done with yet. You gotta go and the shut down. The police department was gone. But that doesn't happen very often here. In the united states check us. Out of freetalklive dot com. Go sign up for our telegram. Telegram dot freetalklive dot com after a devastating war. The alien visitors were driven back. And they're willing. human collaborators. Were left behind to face. The music. When emma jean anderson's ex lover's springs her from prison. Nathan foster and his fourteen year old nephew. Ben are tasked with bringing the pair to justice an easy enough job until discovers something inside imaging and the fate of the planet hangs in the balance the family business by mike. Gorie from bain books dot com..

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