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Hundreds of thousands of medicare recipients who experienced financial hardship during the pandemic are paying monthly premiums. When they don't have to all people have to do is call the california department of health care services and request a waiver. Fatima clark with a nonprofit children now says families are leaving anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on. The table are estimated that about forty percent of families who could be taking advantage of. This program are not today. I'm susan potter min. Account provides health insurance to about fourteen million low income californians including families with children pregnant individuals and people with disabilities. The new york post reports. Dr anthony foul cheese. Sunday warned that the country's latest cove in nineteen surges. Going to get worse but insisted he doesn't expect the climbing case numbers turner. Any new lockdown orders. The post says the white house chief. Medical adviser acknowledged that the us has yet to turn the corner in the recent outbreak. That's been driven by the spread of the highly contagious delta. Variant things are going to get worse ouchi told. Abc news this week but found. She said he doesn't expect the nation to shut down again and kids advocates colorado urging the state's congressional delegation to make healthy school meals. Free for all students. Eric gladys has wore during the covert health emergency. The federal government made school meals available for free to all students. Regardless of their financial situation at home children's advocates are now urging congress to make that change permanent in its recovery legislation ashley wieland with hunger free colorado says the move would reduce child hunger and food insecurity and could put an end to lunch line shaming when families fall behind on bills and reduce the stigma. That kids who qualify for free or reduced price meals experience. That is didn't that need help. That poor kids. They take with them in their stress every day. Actually i've children older receive less and less of them participating and programming because of that. Shame and stigma. They don't wanna be that kid. Some school cashiers have taken lunch trays away from children with so-called lunch debt giving them cheaper replacements which have become known as stigma sandwich. Some schools stamp students hand with a message to parents. I need lunch. Money critics of continuing the free meals for all programs site high costs and others worry. It could lead to dependency on government. Assistance schools would no longer have to field applications determine eligibility and meet federal requirements. Cody reporting each meal. Correct reimbursement category. This is pms. You're struggling with your mortgage. You think about it all the time. What are we gonna do if we lose the house. 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