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So that's at least some sort of the only reason why I don't feel that Mamie. Manny Machado. The best player in the lock in the clubs is because as a motivation is because I think everyone inherently feels that way. I think motivator off feel that they know they can no good. I feel like motivators need to be coming. Out of left field, things that aren't obvious to you, but those are the things you need an external sort of an external. I don't know, motive next factor come into the equation. That's new. The shakes you up a little bit looking at looking over and going. Machado is the best player is not going to shake up the clubhouse. Why? Because he walked in everyone kind of knew it already. That's my whole point is was to say, why did he say it in one of the reasons is because he's a free agent, facial size of even that doesn't mean anything it's more about did he is he saying this to get on his good side to kinda send a message to the front office to kind of get them to realize we may want to try to retain his guy all those sorts of little subliminal measurers, right that he Cindy, that was my whole player. I think it's all of it. I think personally, I think it's all three of those things. I think it's factual. I think it's they wanna make him feel good because they wanted to resign. And I do think that some guys club has wait a second who who's going to say Kershaw really. I don't maybe a little message to Clayton former player Sean. I think Clayton Kershaw where he talked about it here at nauseam that he is not an was Lysol. You feel germs spread? Yes. So wait a second. We haven't sat here for three months and said that he's not the guy. He. No, no, I agree with that. Right. And I stand by that. My only thing is that I have a hard time believing a pitcher with his health history doesn't recognize that the younger slugger everyday player is more valuable to this team right now the here I'll tell you why I that agai like that wouldn't think that way. I'll tell you why Lysol..

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