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Apprecia- and this week. It is a win Wednesday, and it's actually Tuesday because we're coming at you from the past it's Tuesday voting day, and it went Wednesday. It's all of amazing this smashed up into one day that is not following any rules of the space time continuum and with me as always is co host, Mr. Jerod Brown Jared. How are you doing today? I'm doing good a day earlier than normal but excited to get at it earlier than normal. Thanks to the Thursday night game in in a little bit of an extended break for the forty Niners to at a good time. That's exactly right. So before we get into the final battle of the ban the game recap. I'm super interested to hear about how you're going to vote on I think prop seven because that's the daylight savings time one, right? I believe that is in. I you know, I've thought about it a little bit because Aaron is one of the places that doesn't do it. There are some drawbacks in both cases, particularly as a teacher. It's kind of nice right now when I go to school in the mornings that it's light out whereas just two weeks ago. I was getting to school rolling around six thirty or so kinda prepping and do an early bird stuff and his dark out and just sort of sets a sort of ominous tone. So I actually kinda dig setting falling back a little bit. So that I get the little bit of daylight in the morning. But I also understand wanting to keep it lighter a little later. It outta here with this politician answer. This non answer answer. It. You can't say both are. Okay. I I'm pinning it down in honor of voting day highly diplomatic. I think I I'd vote to keep it. Oh, man. Yeah. To get rid of it. Get rid of I'm I'm voting from afar with spirit only for California stuff because I'm over here voting in Texas elections, but it wasn't deed the battle of the bay. I have got a Turpin dream APA in American pale ready to go because that game was indeed a dream. I mean, we said at the beginning or in our preview we said the best quarterback is going to win. We just had no idea that best quarterback was going to be McMullan's yet. I did not see that. Come. I mean, I don't know that anybody saw it coming maybe perhaps accept Kyle Shanahan or assumed that he could make it happened on the less, but Nick Molins played. Not not lights out. But better than what the raiders could get their quarterback to play a whether that's coaching whether that's scheme. Whether that's other players around him either way. Nick woolens was the best quarterback on the field. And as a result. Like we thought the forty Niners came out on top pretty impressive while the forty Niners. Do indeed win the final battle of the bay the forty Niners one maybe their most complete game of the Cal Shanahan era. Their highest offensive output of two thousand eighteen thirty four points tied for their third highest offensive output overall in the collar Shanahan era. Of course, the Jaguars forty four points was tops Rams with could O'Brien Hoyer thirty nine points. And then the Rams again and that meaningless week seventeen game thirty four points the forty Niners defense had eight sacks. They are now tied Jared get this. They're not tied for seventh in the NFL. With twenty four sacks on the back of that aid sack performance and they had to turnovers in the game that plus two turnover margin incident. Really tied for the second highest total and the highest attorney over margin in the Shanahan era. Actually, that's surprising. Just because I don't generate a turnovers but overall in terms of a complete game. This was as big and as complete of a game as the forty Niners have ever put together in the Cal Shanahan era. And it took a pretty hapless Oakland Raiders team in order to do it. Typically, the forty Niners..

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