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The rage and trying to have a surrender else sovereignty to international wool supranational bodies like the U. N. and the E. U. into should have some pie in the sky borderless world not the Americans the all season now the palms have said not they want governments that listening to them governments that I understand that I work for the voters not the other way around Boris Johnson obviously gets these the big question though as I again flag on front tonight is whether the left will Evelyn any of the lessons from these the fates there are no signs in the U. S. that I've learned anything they're still protesting against trump and trying to impeach him on something anything rather than actually challenging him on proper in a proper political and policy contest in Australia the labor party knows it has to charge but hasn't been able to bring himself to do anything yet when was the last learn a lesson from the fate well I can give you the option now as far as Britain is concerned this afternoon out time Colvin published an article in the guardian where else and it shows he has learned precisely nothing the heading says it all we won the arguments he said this outgoing liable laden but he regrets of course that I didn't win a majority for change that's like me saying the implied cries one the forty season last year but regretfully we didn't turn that into a premonition we weren't in the hunt and neither was cool but I that's Australian media covering at the U. K. election and to finally we've got one more from London city talk radio this is right after the election results were were coming in and again London would be an area that you'd have plenty of people that were you know that's like New York City you see you have plenty of people that would be supporting Corbin the the big flip was in the Midlands and the northern reaches that was the big flip where the the the the a traditional labor seats were flipped over to conservative in here is a portion of a program on voice to America Tyrese the problem you were ready to admit to after the last election you weren't ready to admit to after the debacle of the brexit referendum you weren't ready to admit to off the various catastrophes beset the leadership you still kept the fight if I have to say something vaguely both cases are I would say this for me the way I feel when we might have a conversation today forms about feelings the way I feel is the the brexit believers all very similar to the Die Hard kopen Easter's very similar indeed it was it was as if both of them kept telling as that all you have to do is believe mole and reality would somehow re align itself I hope the people that find non fat it will you have to do is believe mole you know when we could solve the problem of the the bordering on it'd cost you couldn't believe was never going to solve that problem it was either not gonna be that or it was gonna be in the city I'm I'm the same we coal bin you know I tried I really really tried you know I tried because some of the policies what what what would rather special but the similarity between the two constituency seems to me in retrospect in twenty twenty hindsight is a wonderful thing it seems to me to be called a skate sparkling it was simply because if you believe the mole than reality would realign itself and one of those lobbies have to prevail didn't you have a mess like get breaks it down proved to be the absolute skeleton key the mall sticky from looking this electric that these points in British history get braces done was just you know just what more push just believe a little bit more that's a quick look at the lawn ready before that Australian popular me before that British popular media gives you like an idea of how some of the world the epicenter and then one of the British or foreign colonies X. foreign colonies how which is handling this this news I hope you heard mark our voice at the beginning the program if you didn't will archive this program you can hear what he had to say about this but you can see the similarities to this what the last a radio presenter was talking about you know we were in this time where it's like you get we're going to realign reality around our beliefs we heard a lot of this with the Brett Kavanaugh episode from a roughly a year ago remember the hash tag I believe in people say well look at you can believe what you want but we've got a system here in place based ironically on on on English law where there's a presumption of innocence you have to put your you have to present facts it's considered in front of your peers and then there's a decision made the no no no we want to do that I just want to believe in believing should be enough for get due process forget history forget custom forget the law I just want to believe it I want my beliefs to become reality for everybody again this idea that I live in Brooklyn and whatever I believe I want that my believe she need to make do you need to dictate what you do in Salt Lake City in Phoenix in Kansas city and Dallas and San Antonio in Butte Montana because I believe in Brooklyn I think that guy London pretty much on target voice to America where the world comes to talk give your mornings a remix for the delicious new beyond sausage sandwich from Dunkin it's a tasty beyond meat sausage Patty with agencies all on an English muffin that's ten grams of great tasting plant based protein great wait it's plant based yeah it's web based and it tastes great yeah Dr beyond it's a whole new way to start the day America runs on Dunkin bring these changes in the office is a pretty great idea Mr Evers yeah everyone seems.

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