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In School, whereas the sense that you know, it's adult and adult answers, the door and adult answers, the question and I don't even know why they were having your son for what that fucking piece of paper it. They shouldn't have well. It was some it wasn't like the official like it was just something. He was filling out that day like. Same thing it's the same thing. Yeah, why? Why do we forcing our children to take these identities? The label will or or half to put themselves in that category like exactly he's like. What do you mean in my white or black, and I said I don't know. The that's an interesting. That's an interesting dynamic and example to me to discuss in this wrong like hugh, so for him he gets chewed and that kind of highlights the example that I'm trying to make that as an unfair choice at the burden to put that choice on a child at the burden of put that choice on anybody. Let alone a child who hasn't even identified whether or not he's black or white, and why should he? Why can't you be both chip? Why isn't their thing on there that or other right? Rodrigues's because there's no funding for other there. That's a good point. That's a good point. It's about money and it's. It's you know. Obviously. Ethnicities play a role and all the stuff in it becomes personal. You know, but this the this isn't about Rafe. This is about money, and and in each race has a different relationship with money. They have a different interact with money like like me. The White Person I've got a pretty decent relationship on. It's not bad now that I'm an adult on a grown man, white man, but as a child is a poor child relationship with money, fucking suck, and if I would have been a black or child, and our relationship with money would have even more yeah so. I understand you know how. The race issue comes into this, but for me. You know. This isn't about race a timeout. It's just about. How can a quality? Well in why are we so categorically like that's? It seems like humans in general just want to categorize fucking thing. Do we do because? It allow. It allows us to to to place ourselves on that ladder of hierarchy. We get to decide where we go. If we can step on something else, we get to decide where we go good instead of instead of being forced down that level of hierarchy by somebody else, which always happening We're not paying attention to that because we're forcing somebody out now and anybody can do that black. Black people can do that. We can all find somebody that is less human than we are right so I it it. It works great for for every race to be prejudiced, and it's just one of those things that we have to deal with in. It seems like it's pushing itself right into cannabis like it is and I'm glad that you brought that up because I have. A sneaking suspicion of what's going on here without I'm I'm pretty confident in this assessment actually. It appears to me. That cannabis has always been counterculture right. It's always been separated from the main culture. That has the United States. Of America around so. It was. It appears that the a lot of the white supremacy. a lot of that counterculture from battle. We know what to call it the white supremacy counterculture. Somehow got funneled into the canvas. counterculture end lake. The, try and use money as the catalyst for how things have been funneled. Am I don't think that necessarily a lot of the biggest that are residing in the canvas industry are here because cannabis think they're here because money. And I think that they have come ear over the span of the last ten and twenty years because of money, so they've been here for a while, but it's been growing and I think that Certain forces in the government in the bureaucracies. How encouraged these groups to grow in this culture basically just by feeding them money so they're here now and I believe that. The, cannabis counterculture is where white supremacy in America is now residing. In that that that's that's a deep statement when you consider what you're talking about. It's horrible horrible for me because. This is the life style and path that I wanted to choose, and they're in my walking way on and I have some ship deals now for I, can move on my path because these people are in my way. They're making money off of me. Making partnerships offered me, and this is a problem for me. I come, so it's good that they're getting the healing. They might be but the problem for me at the problem for my community members. Were we're all arguing over money, but racism is not welcome. It's definitely not welcome in a cannabis industry, so correct is second. Those prejudices are found out. People are going to be pushed out industry, so we're. We're fighting over our job. Our job the money. Yeah, good palm. They're they're fighting over money. They're worried if you're going to get pushed out of job that they've grown into for class ten twenty five one year, whatever some of these people will only been here for a week a month right, but they're flocking to it well. The people I've seen that have been here a week. have got all the money. Right you know, and they're the ones that are that are arguing allowed about black lives matter. This is all lives matter now. I have a right to have a gun and like no, this isn't your community. This is never been with this community has been about, and you're not gonNA fucking. Step in here and tell us all the way that you know now right right we're. We're non violent or pass. Do were not fascist, not.

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