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As far as i know our trips plan he did say that. They are intending to plan a trip at some point but But the sense that i got from the language it was used was that they are looking. I mean they're working with the city of oakland to see if they can hammer at some of the differences there or at least the way that it was portrayed by cal was that there are working for working on some of the other aspects of the proposal like the environmental aspect and some of the other approvals that would need to get done anyway before maybe going circling back in trying to hammer out the last differences in the economic terms. So i don't know that there is. I don't know exactly what the timeline is there. We i asked If there's like a point at which the economic terms need to be agreed on And his answer was that he doesn't think that another vote would be possible until late or toward the end of the year so they have some time to to hammer out that kind of stuff and obviously the negotiations are ongoing and knows what goes on there but But you at least got the sense that they're still talking so i mean not to get too into the weeds but essentially it boils down to how much the infrastructure costs oakland pays. And that's the issues there. Some of the issues were about creating to texts districts to pay for it versus one and then there was a an issue about the affordable housing. That would be included. Yeah i think it's the the two major hangups were who would pay for off-site infrastructure costs that were totalling about three hundred fifty million dollars and then Yes the amount of affordable housing was included in the proposal. And the last that. I mean the city had come out and said that The idea of to infrastructure tax financing districts was not going to happen But i think they had suggested that the offset infrastructure costs could be covered in another way..

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