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With attorney general kennedy one of the things that i think is fascinating as you talk about james baldwin who had been invited to bobby kennedy's home at hickory hill and he apparently didn't eat the bacon that had been placed on his plate for breakfast and he was touched by the fact that there were eleven kids in the family i mean he had eleven children and some of the kids came up and bobby kennedy himself went ahead and handed out some of the bacon the james baldwin had need that's right he posted it out to the kids and they were interrupting the meeting being the doting father and you know the attentive dance and baldwin was touched by that and as i say the book you know perhaps feeling and hoping that one day many more white people would be able to do what he and bobby kennedy were doing sit together as equals at the table in a fairly intimate setting and enjoy each other's company don't you think we've achieved that great extent today to some extent we certainly have but look what happens though by the met bet on you sit down together at starbucks the police get caught on you when you barbecue and open police get called on you when there have been as you know a rash of incidents which proved that either public spaces or intimate spaces that black and white people among many others occupy our ribbon by tragic occurrences where people seem out of place especially black people that they don't belong there so there's a disturbing trend that many african american people feel whether they're in a retail store or whether they're in a business that they are being tracked followed of butte suspiciously at yale university if you're a sweet in a common room you get the police called on you so these incidents prove that as much progress as we have undoubtedly made there's a great deal more to be done in order for that kind of pair can what could be done or should be done michael eric dyson author of what truth sounds like the michael medved show all across america this is the michael medved show.

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