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And you know, this is a team. I think that ultimately just got a little too much for Atlanta. How much? How do they stop? Meaning? Philadelphia. How do you stop or you're not going to stop? How do you slow down Trae Young. Think the kids personnel and that's what I said about Philly all along that nobody has. As much personnel to throw with him as they do, and it's really now down to two guys because he torched Danny Green in the first game, and I think I don't blame even Danny Green because he Danny Green to defend I played Doc Rivers. Don't think trade jokes. Name was like written in big enough letters to top of that White board. They treated him like another dude. He came out and got so comfortable so fast. That now you've got a problem your hands for the rest of the night Because now he's going to start getting calls. She's got all those things that trickle down effect. They got that huge lead. So now you say, all right. You know what? We're going to go more. Ben Simmons, six ft. 10. I can stay offer you four or five ft. You're not going to turn the corner on me into 1000 on me because I'm so far off you, but at the same time I'm six ft. 10, So it's got to be in the back of your mind tray on. Do you have enough space to get this off? That's what Ben Simmons does. The other thing he does get beat. Track you to the rim. You know, 6 10 is chasing you. And he's going to meet you at the rim Safety Sybil Sybil 67 Incredibly long arms the same thing I can track you and beat you in effect your floaters affect you at the rim, Even if you do get by me, but I'm also able to back off enough. Is still contested honestly and put enough doubt in your mind because the length in front of very few teams have two defenders. I should say very few. Nobody has two defenders in the league like Ben Simmons, Um Sybil with that kind of length and speed. Nobody. These are both first team All league caliber defenders, and now you've got two different guys to throw at him. Forget the band Green experiment unless it's a switch or something. But those two guys get him mostly Kevin, and I think it's It definitely changed the series for Philadelphia. Now, I think they realize there is a formula to garner. But I do think Atlanta wins tonight, and he said all that. What do you think? Atlanta Winston and ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler. Why do you think that They get an enormous burst of energy from playing at home. They've been great there. I just think Nate McMillan and Trae Young are really smart, and they're going to have some wrinkles to get three young some states tonight. They're also going to have a few more wrinkles to adjust to impede. Because right now, this single coverage stuff you know, inside of 50 ft. It just let him play one on one. You're gonna get the same result every single night. He's just too good. ESPN, NBA analyst Tim Language joining us here on NBA Countdown Presented by credit Karma legs greatly appreciated my brother..

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