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W. Bush narrowly beats Al Gore in Florida. What do Democrats do? They object to the certification of the results during the very first session of Congress in 2001 share, now hands to the tellers. The certificate of the electors for president and vice president of the state of Florida. Mr President. The objection is in writing signed by a number of members of the House of Representatives, but not by a member of the Senate. Mr President, I stand for the purpose of object into the counting of the votes from the state of Florida as red. I am objecting to walk. To the idea that votes in Florida were not counted. Mr President arrive on rise on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus to object to the 25 electoral votes from Florida. It is in writing. It is signed by myself on behalf of my diverse constituents and the millions of Americans who have been distant franchise. Florida's inaccurate vote count. Now, of course, the Florida election went to the Supreme Court, which ultimately decided to stop the count. Interestingly enough 20 years ago Democrats were doing with Democrats do today, that is, they keep counting votes. They keep trying to find votes until eventually they can erase a Republican lead, while the United States Supreme Court said Nope. The count is done. There are Democrats. In fact, if you pulled, I'm willing to wager 50 to 70% don't believe that George W. Bush was a legitimate president and go back and ask him about 2004. How many Democrats still believe that voting machines in Ohio switched votes for John Kerry two votes for George W. Bush that's right for a second straight election. Democrats objected to the certification of the electoral college vote will report the objection way a member of the House of Representatives and the United States senator object to the content counting of the electoral votes of the state of Ohio. On the ground that they were not under all of the known circumstances regularly given signed Stephanie Tubbs Jones. State of Ohio, Barbara Boxer State of California. And, yes, Democrats with the signature of Senator Boxer were able to give speeches and object to the certification section today is raised because they're irregularities across this country with regard to voting. And we have a Congress have an obligation to step up to the plate and correct them. I dedicate my objection to Ohio's electoral votes to Mr Michael Moore, the producer of the documentary 9 11. We're here because not a single Election official in Ohio has given us any explanation for the massive and widespread irregularities in the state. No explanation for the machines in Mahoning County that recorded Kerry votes for Bush. Our people are dying. All over the world. Ah, lot from my stake. For what reason to bring democracy to the far corners of the world. Let's fix it here and let's do it first thing out that sounded exactly like the objections Republicans are raising today at least those who are raising objections to Dominion voting systems machines magically changing Trump votes. To bite in votes. I personally don't believe that there is sufficient evidence to make that claim. But what I can say is what I can prove, And that is that Democrats in this state and across the country changed election laws so that fraudulent ballots could and would be counted. There is ample evidence of irregularities, but now Republicans, raising the exact same objections that Democrats did in 2004 is unprecedented. It's horrible, horrific assault on American democracy. It will herald the death of the Old Republic. Not quite Especially since in 2016, representative Maxine Waters raised the exact same objection to the certification of Donald Trump's electoral college. Women Wish to ask, Is there one United States senator who will join me in this letter? No debate, no debate. Gentleman will suspend Thank you chair. The chairs previously ruled the signature from the senator's required objection cannot be received. That's right. Maxine Water is rose, even though she didn't have a senator to join her in the objection, So she was immediately gaveled down every single time Democrats lost the presidential election this century. They objected to the certification of the electoral college vote. Saying Republicans doing so today is unprecedented and awful and unconstitutional is a flat out lie. President Trump Likely to speak after this right here on the Dan O'Donnell Show. Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000 per month and disability compensation and tens of thousands for college tuition. These are just some of the U. S. Department of Veterans.

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