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But this will be the first time that they have sold tickets to fans since the pandemic hit in March. So here we everybody and I Apologize Nell. Now. I've been consistent. Since Day one about all of this, right? would. I. If I were Tony Kahn. Would I Sell fifteen percent of the capacity tickets to fans now no I would not I wouldn't. Okay. But. If, you are going to do this. And people are going to do this. Then you must do your best to do it in a safe manner. And what they're doing is they're selling a low capacity they're spreading everybody who buys tickets in a pod out you're not going to be near anybody else. You're going to be spread all over this building and I've been consistent with this from day one, it is an open air outside arena. So. Yes. I'll get it out of the way right now if. Sees this and they decide Oh my God we gotta Let. Let, fifteen percent capacity into full sail for these annex t tickets. I'm not going to be happy with that. Why because full sail is a closed. Arena, it's not an open air arena. So yeah, I would be mad about that. If you WANNA be outraged about AWA allowing fifteen percent in. That is absolutely positively within your right. You must also be outraged about new Japan, doing the exact same thing and they're doing also in closed air arenas. So. If you're GONNA do this. You have to do your best and quite frankly quite frankly. If they let somebody in. So that building. And that person ends up having covid. And they're spread throughout that open air arena. The chances of any of the wrestlers or any of the announcers contracting covert is approximately zero. Quite frankly I'm less concerned about them, letting ten to fifteen percent of fans into an open air building spread out than I. Am all of those wrestlers surrounding ringside visitor right next to each other and sometimes they do and sometimes they don't wear masks and those wrestlers are a lot closer to the announcers than any of these fans are going to be. So again, what I do it, would I do it? No I would not do that in Florida right now. But if you are going to do ten to fifteen percent capacity, then they are doing it in the safest way possible, which is scanning everybody requiring them to wear masks. You must stay in your pod with people that you probably living with and your separated from every other pod throughout a five, thousand, five, hundred seat open air building. At it. I know. I know away doom but go ahead, Mike I the you probably will get some responses to this on your twitter machine and and maybe even in the chat here but we'll. We'll see what happens Not, getting, much attention this weekend game changer wrestling in black liberal pro or running together again, they have been doing this on the regular. Outside we'll talk about this tomorrow because Paul Crockett is on the show. Tomorrow is the guest to talk about these shows this weekend months and you know they, they've been doing outdoor shows in Atlantic City, Park in Indianapolis. Now for quite some time and there have been several indie shows running. I've seen good examples of this experiment with limited capacity and spread out in sanitation being demanded mass demanded to be worn I've seen good examples of it and I've seen bad examples of it and. You. Know this is the promotions are going to try to run and they're going to go where they can run a black label is back is is is being tied into these weekends running shows and people are going to have to try to do what they can. But the only thing you can do is try to do your best as you said to be careful as possible, and it's not just setting it up and selling tickets. It's about being vigilant the show was going on because as I've mentioned. I've seen IB MID, south I've seen a couple of indie shows have come from New Jersey that are on TV and on TV that have not done a very good job of this once the show has started, people have streamed out and we're right next to each other and on top of each other, and it's like you know you throw your hands up and go what was the point of trying to do anything that if you're not even going to attempt to police this and you're the ones putting the. Show on your responsible for it. Then you know what's the point you know? So they have to be vigilant about it. It seemed like aws being vigilant about it from the reports that we heard about up in the crowd. When they had people in Wwe, you know the other thing to the performance ever being so much smaller than some of these other places as well. I mean as the other part of the capacity and the recycled air and all that other stuff. But again, if they're gonNa let people in Great. Just you have to be vigilant about it and I there's nothing I can really do about it. I'm not going to get upset about it. I can't fight about it. They are finding ways to run they're finding ways to do they need to do. So there's nothing I can really say about it it's business going forward. The only thing I can point to is going to let people into that environment. You'd better take care of them and you'd better make sure that they take care of themselves and each other, and we'll see how they do that. Got People in the chat outraged as I figured, are people going to do what they're supposed to? Well. Listen exactly somebody learn we have somebody we have somebody in the chat I believe right now she's often the chat, but she was one of the one hundred fifty people that was allowed into the building last week and go ahead and ask her if everybody did what they were supposed to the answer is yes they all did what they were supposed to. They stayed in their pods and they stayed away from each other. So we already have it's like this hasn't happened before it hasn't happened with five hundred people but has happened with one hundred and. Fifty, two, hundred, eighty people and people did what they were asked to do also people outraged Florida's not. Japan. Florida's not Japan you. Right. Florida isn't Japan you're absolutely right to Florida is way worse than Japan right now but if you think that there's zero problems in Japan, you're wrong number one and number two as I noted, there is a huge difference here and that is an open air building versus an indoor building was circulating air, which is what they're doing in Japan one person one person in a closed air circulating air could in fact one..

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