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St- altered your life. My dad died was a big one. That's a hard one. Because i was there. I wish i were more brave during that time. In what way it was. After he died that i went on the hospice page and they had a whole section. That talked about how to help. Someone die that they will have dementia and they will see people that have passed before then they would literally call up their names and you have to validate them. You can't just say it's delusional because what that is is once again. It's the word permission. They're asking for permission to cross over. I didn't wanna look at that. They just want you to hold their hand. I didn't wanna look at that. They just want them lips disdain. Moist wanna know that no one tells you about death. No one talks about it still to literally see a parent take their last breath and a half the sit there and go daddy. It's okay to go. And then at his funeral. I remember when we close the casket in my nieces and nephews had all these pitchers put an cast it with them as beautiful and i looked in the casket in didn't have any shoes on and i was pissed. I was like we paid you all this money up in my brain because i was about to custom out and you didn't put any shoes on. My dad looks great. We didn't put shoes and the next stop was. He didn't need shoes. That encapsulates life does. Okay what anyone it does after he died. You're not thinking about how pissed you all you're not thinking about. He was an alcoholic. You just thinking about the fact. That i loved him. He was my father and he's gone and then you're thinking about forgiveness. You're thinking about mercy. You think about all those things that nobody teaches you about in life. There's no other way to measure life. Wills life down to absolutely the essentials of really what makes life and what makes joy. I would say that would be it it. It leveled me defined after these big moments in your life you can take them with you into the evolution of who you are oft them. Are you aware of practicing those things. That you've observed i do but then i had to move through life and someone comes along and knocks my ass down now i now i mean it's a war of attrition learned at the time yeah absolutely. It's it's difficult. But i do and i'll tell you when i do people notice when i came back from africa. Everyone notice the shift. So i know i bring it back. But then i got to navigate through life. Yeah you know what my daddy used to say. He said i don't know why. Keep aiming for one hundred percent of everything he said. This is the biggest misnomer we should be aiming for like fifty eight percent sixty if that's let that be one hundred percent because it's never. You're always going to be disappointed. You never gonna get it right. And he was like. It isn't have lowest standards. It's just appreciate that. That is a set percentage of life that is mostly circumstance or locker. Whatever you wanna call it. This is not going to go away. And in order to not be buffeted by that constantly sort of hold true to the smaller amount that you are sure of all. Yeah i saw how and where it began. It is a rare privilege talking to you it. It really is I feel like i learn something. Every time i hear you interviewed but even more so when i was she work and like as an actor. That's amazing it's right back at your mother. I appreciate you. And i appreciate your time honesty all my love and thanks a love back to you. Please watch vyas extraordinary performance and more rains black bottom but also go back and find that scene in the movie doubt what she meryl streep go head to head by the basketball cool. It is an acting moustakas..

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