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The longest and most boring road in the world except for I ninety five which is the longest and most boring road in the world. It's just you and me, it's you and me and the cab you and me in the car. It's the sweet time tonight. This is the best time of the day to be on the radio because it's just us of all the grownups gone to bed. Thank god. Do you work in HR? Do you work in HR turn off the radio? I don't want anything to do with you. Paid snitch is scum of the earth. I hate everybody who works in HR. Can't stand him. You know, why because it morally bankrupt. In high school. Did anybody say, you know, what I wanna do? When I grow up his work in HR. No firemen thought, you know, when I grow up. I wanna be a fireman. And then they got to be firemen anybody who fantasized about what they wanted to be in high school and gets to do it. They are solid and happy fulfilled. So factual is I'm Walter. I'm sterling I fantasized about doing a talk show. And here we are on six fifty thousand watt radio stations. And it's Oscar night suppose, they gave an Oscar suppose they gave an Academy Award ceremony and nobody cared. Nobody cared. There isn't one day movie that anybody cares about I don't even know half of the actors, and Mr. pop culture, I don't scream at the Democrats. I do a pop culture show. Imagine my thrill when I thought, well, what movie what movie has everybody actually seen in cares about Star Wars. Everybody cares about Star Wars. The only movie we know about did it win any awards. I don't think it's won any awards except maybe for that loud music. That's bad. If you have a hangover that music Star Wars, and Luke, you know, the lead character, Luke, well that was I played by Mark Hamill. And here's Sean Munger is that how you say less named Sean because I was waiting for somebody to tell me how to say your last name. Hi, sean. Hello. Yes. That is right. Sean wrote the spectacular blog of Colombo like investigation CSI investigation worthy of the discussion of Mark Hamill's face. And until very recently. I did not know that this was a discussion. I knew that somewhere in the murky seventies. You know, when people were doing a lot of cheap marijuana and going to discos some point Mark Hamill's face got disfigured of allegedly because of an automobile accident what I didn't realize is that there was conspiracy speculation about Mark Hamill's face and his car accident until I read Shaun mongers block. And then I started reading more of Sean mongers stuff, and I loved it. And he's a great fiction writer. He's a terrific blogger. He's a great writer. He's written terrific books. I'm gonna let you plug your books, but first let's dive into the only movie that you, and I actually have seen and. Understand. And it's certainly not something called Brahma. What the hell is that? It's Star Wars. Now, Sean imagine my shock the beginning of the trouble with Mark hamels car accident is nobody can seem to agree on when it happened. When did this happen, Sean? Well, we can tell it happened in December nineteen seventy six or January nineteen seventy seven. It was definitely during the production of Star Wars actor they had wrapped to find the main shooting and they were doing what's called pickup shots which are do overs of shots that didn't go right. The first time. So they were apparently doing stuff out in the desert somewhere because they were filming scenes that take place on the desert planet and his story. His when he has talked about this this event, he he was scheduled for pick ups the next day after he got into car accident, and he was. Self that. He let everybody down, and he was afraid of his career and things like that. But it definitely happened before it's film came out. But after the main shooting have been completed the thing about markets. The thing about Mark hamels car accident. Sean monger, is that car accidents are very finite specific police record event there's nothing vague about when a car accident happened. This is the first time in my life. And I'm not that old about I am entering biglou territory. I I I've never heard of it being confused about when a car accident happened. I asked you just now when did it happen? And you know, what Sean monger said he gave me two dates you gave me two dates when do you think it happened? Sean. I think it happened in December nineteen seventy six. There's some dispute about the exact date because handled himself has has has I understand the Senate both ways there's a notation on his at least a couple of years ago. There was on his websites that had occurred in January nineteen seventy seven. So we're really not talking about that. Big a discrepancy. Yes. Yes. We're Sean forgiven. Sean, I know this is not a hard hitting interview. But I have to say there is a huge discrepancy. When it comes to a car accident date any wavering. The date is a huge discrepancy because it is finite specific bent now. Let's talk about the results. Mark Hamill before this car accident. Young women would call cute men would refer to him as handsome casting directors would say he was attractive. This is a good looking guy after the car accident. He seemed less good looking and seemed to look very different. But you Sean Munger do not think he looks that different. What happened in the car accident? What was the impact on this poor man's face? I think it was probably it probably looks pretty catastrophic winning happened. But I don't think lingering results were really that noticeable heroin south says that he broke his nose. And and that was it and he does against the steering wheel to legend. It's kind of grown up about this referred comes out if some statements that were made. Roughly around the time while within a year or two after the accident where bass reference to cartilage from his ear being used somehow in the in the reconstruction of his nose, and after subsequent interviews, and there was one I talked about it on my blog for dynamite magazine for nineteen seventy eight that rookie that did the Cartlidge. I mean that sounds really really bad at sounds catastrophic. But I if you really look at what his face looks like in nineteen seventy six versus what he made Empire Strikes Back in nineteen seventy nine. There is definitely a difference. But the point that I make in my blog is that it's not really a difference beyond what you would expect from normal aging. In a I did a video version of this log on my YouTube channel, and I use myself as kind of an example, and I show pictures of myself from the same ages as Campbell was when he made Star Wars. And then we've made Empire Strikes Back, and you could see noticeable difference in my face. But of course, I didn't have a catastrophic car accident. So I guess my point is not that there's not that. There's not a difference. But I'm unconvinced that the differences. Would not have existed without the car accident. So that's kinda the point that I make. All right. This is sterling on Sunday you, and I are talking to Sean Munger who writes a terrific blog. Sean, what's the name of your block? It's just that Sean Munger dot com. It's S C A N N U N G E R dot com. And I do a lot of history. I do stuff like books I do climate change. I do a lot of different subjects Sean mongers great guest because he writes, he writes, a blog that goes deep into the recesses of pop culture in your mind. The things that you've wondered about that. You don't see on Entertainment Weekly on entertainment tonight. The today show. Good Morning, America. These are the things that we actually wonder about like Mark hamels face plus coming up in just seconds. I'm going to share let Sean share with you his feelings about the curse of oak island a show. He's never actually seen. But he has studied all of the evidence about Ocalan hinted, his his conclusion about what's on oak island in OB will shock you. It'll be revealing and shocking. Let's go back to Mark Hamill's face because it's Oscar night, and I'd like to talk about a movie that people actually care about which is Star Wars. Now, there's the star of Star Wars. Mark Hamill who some point in his life had a car accident which caused irreparable damage to his face it caused them to do plastic surgery reconstructive surgery. I would like to advance an evil theory. Sean Munger I'd like to advance an evil theory about Mark Hamill's faces purely speculation purely my opinion. Let me see do. I have. Anything else for the lawyers? It's my opinion. Let me suggest something else. One of the things I've been taught as someone who grew up in New Jersey, where did you grow up? I grew up a lot of places things. My family was military. So California Nebraska. New Mexico, many different places. Well, the one thing that growing up in New Jersey teaches us despite a phony we we every one of our mothers teaches us, he's a great big phony. We know immediately. If somebody's a great big funny. One of the ways, we know. One of the ways, we know. Strangely right now. I'm looking at the TV picture of Spike Lee. And I'm saying a great big phony. Here's here's the thing that we're taught that if there's too much information or things don't make sense. It's because there is a lie at work, and I'm quite serious about this part of it, which is that the date of Mark Hamill's automobile accident is in police records hospital records, it should be the easiest thing to find all public records. Nothing secret nothing nefarious. Therefore, I would like to advance a bizarre conspiracy. Which is that he did not have a car accident. I would like to suggest purely in opinion with no facts that perhaps his nose was damaged by another means now when you wrote that they took cartilage out of his ear. I'm like, whoa. What would they had to rebuild his nose? Well, let's see hot movie star in the seventies. When Los Angeles was a wide open city in the seventies. Los Angeles was a wide open town anything goes in Los Angeles in the seventies. Is it possible that either some boyfriend beat the crap out of them, and he made up a story to protect the girl or he may have been inhaling the wrong things too often and his nose cartilage deteriorated, and they rebuilt his nose for that reason. And there's no better excuse for either. Then. Say I had a car accident. Is that possible? Sean munger. Well, I suppose anything is possible. I think you have to look at it. In terms of what evidence do we have about what might have happened? And why would there be an alternative explanation? Yes. Whatever actually happened is is. You know, what it is? So I think I kind of get get this this in the block to some degree. And there are people who have contacted me with theories wilder than than yours must like what like what like what? Well like there there. I have been contacted in more than one occasion by people who are convinced that Mark Hamill was replaced by a double for what reason though it can can can identify supposedly. There was a double that replaced him in the car. Accident was used as an excuse to explain why the double doesn't look exactly like him. Now, it's like, I just wanna ask the people like why would anyone in their right mind? Do that, you know, it doesn't really make much sense in the real world. The theory advanced does make sense in the real world. So I think, you know, a double that's clearly not what happened, but. I think it's interesting that there's just been so much speculation focus on this. And Hamilton style has continually said, look, you know, it's not that big a deal Nolan chair before I started talking about this. You know, why should it matter now, and he's continually? No. Sean monger. That's not true. If Mark saying no one cared. It wasn't a big deal until I started talking about it. That's not true. I remember when when he disappeared had surgery came back and look different. It was big news because it was a big movie you, and I are talking to Sean Munger who writes, a fantastic blog on his website, Sean, monger dot com in U N G E R M U N G E R, Sean mongering coming up in just seconds. We're going to hear from Sean about what he believes is hidden burried on oak island in just seconds on sterling on Sunday..

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