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You probably totally good amid trust is pretty lining chief of staff you know jordan you'd be viewed as a i really really side with that but will you weren't warranty would never take would either of you guys take a drag on the way lord let's say you act right skills you could save the country doug walker god first of all shrill as an own a dogma okay he is going to take care of it staff to take care of it if he just like get one so that the country feels better about you people are like i don't like dogs i walk the other way okay however this far and not like dogs i are fake many although he could say he consider no keno i'm used i can't do the voice will as you can look i'm using that word bitch at a totally different kontagora see this man carrying four a fuzzy little animus no it was your cat lover i also accept you because then you like animal engender all cats are split my point is though there are fucking vacancies in the white thirty four percent turnover rate which is the highest that any white house has had in decades three times higher than obama two times higher than reagan who held the record up until now silver third stalin literally he wrote keira knightley presidents don and clearly kelly he's an adult or whatever you know in that like he doesn't just say whatever the fuck comes into his head but he doesn't meet make him a great manager he was effective at hut firing some people right like he garuda armor rose that guys are the main gerald.

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