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Ryan's roses this morning at seven. Forty so she suspected her husband may have been unfaithful for quite a. While there's been a little bit of a tarmac on this. Recently she came across something that in her mind confirms it's been going on for a. Run we'll find out what the deal is killer more detail at seven forty this. Morning the morning hack struck me because each week I'm buying. Eggs I by Browning's and you don't know if how do you know if the eggs fresh before you break them open and sometimes they taste, like you, know. Rotten, yeah I was just grabbed from the back because that's where they load. Them I don't. Know in my, mind it makes. Sense See I think my mind dot would be the back has been the longest where, they load, from. The, front push them from the back up to the front I've seen him. Load from the front not to. Spook you okay Let's grab Yvonne Yvonne good morning, in Torrance how are. You I'm great how was. Your weekend super good thank you, so much for asking we we. Stayed away from, each. Other but. Now we're, back in bonding What, you need some tips I hear Yes basically and then it'd Red Eye out of Elliott, line the Georgia for the first time and. I'm afraid of flying Are you going to Atlanta I'm blind to Atlanta and then I have to, take a two hour drive If you're familiar with that Our Dublin, Georgia well here's the thing taking the exciting, but taking the Red Eye which is, the overnight, flight to Atlanta it's long but too. Short. To get, good sleep right, so right I because I that's where I'm from and I used to do that all the time and, I, would think to myself. Oh. It's an overnight. Flight perfect I'll get sleep the flights like three hours and thirty minutes is not long enough to. Get, a good night's sleep yeah it says it's, a little bit over four four hours and then a little before. Five. AM three hours ahead right so. Now, you're. In, at four? Forty. Six, oh that's pain yes well if you're having Zayed's while flying a lot of people I've talked to that flyouts say they are better. Off not near a window I got an I'll see oh that's a good tip You know I, don't wanna be crunched in if I'm like freaking out things gets crunched Coster phobia, and to if you have a, fear of flying in you're looking out the window time you start seeing how small the things are at the bottom and you'd think how far. You are from them and. What that drop, would feel. I, can do all that Well not only that but I, think I've never flown at night before so I wanted to start the morning time so usually someone will have the window closed so it kind of it's not so bad I'm hoping that, it's going to be dark if the house. The window open I won't really see anything, now this is the first time you've flown My, first time I've flown. Before but never really far. Like that like my. Last couple chips Las Vegas. So that's about an hour. Flight from LAX yeah Patty would say Yvonne I am. Scared of flying it freaks me out everything would have to do this is, what I do I just. Take, two shots of Jack Daniels really quick I have a friend. That's scared of flying to. And she says a little prayer before she takes off Shots Driver before I, fly always pray and Well, I was telling me to take Benadryl but I do want. To wake up Be careful. And, taking stuff that's a. Very short flight are you finding delta. Yes I am yeah we've all flown delta I grew up near the delta simulators you're gonna be just. Fine, and thank you for us to have, fun in my home state of Georgia Thank you I can't wait Dino's Italian Dino's Italian in Dublin if you're brick oven pizza person but Dino's Well I have a friend out. There who says he's going to be making smoke. Pork and. We're gonna be going down by the creek so, I'll think there'd be when I'm, out there I stay away from people like that but Take, care Yeah. All right smoked pork. Butts barbecue so he's gonna make like homemade MAC. And cheese Oh nice Stay. Away, from Take. Care Sarah, section all right Sarah. Section of Dino's.

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