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Afternoons Peter finch news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. while there will be a shower in spots early on this Wednesday morning much of the time rain free fall will be dissipating lows between thirty nine and forty three partly sunny later today high fifty five to fifty nine tonight there'll be a shower late one or two will linger tomorrow morning otherwise partly sunny tomorrow hi fifty three to fifty seven all Mackey with a meteorologist Kerr but in ski news ninety three point one K. I speak a campground to the return of our I heart radio music awards he saw the starburst and songs you listen to all year one nine one state our twenty twenty I heart radio music awards to fox live on Sunday March twenty ninth listen live on your favorite radio station here we unveil the nominees this morning at seven our twenty twenty I heart radio music awards so I have kind of truck when I hear these different banks mortgage companies advertising some give me to get you to call their call center where an early twenty something will answer try to advise you on how to handle one of the most important transactions you could ever make I'm Tom Sullivan I've been working with see your review financial exclusively for the last six years there honestly don't they know mortgage financing backward and forward don't be fooled by teaser rate see a review will match any program offered by the big call centers but provide you with personal professional expertise and veterans you can buy with zero down payment and one hundred percent financing literally zero out of pocket no call center just reliable trustworthy advice from an experienced local expert call Sierra view financial today nine one six nine eight nine sixty to twenty two or get the process started in seconds at Sierra view financial dot com as a real estate broker license numbers are one two seven five four four nine analyst over two eight zero four zero four equal housing lender guy if you have a CD you're not alone half of men have issues in the bedroom the good news is that the doctor said Hey RC men's health can help using a revolutionary treatment called acoustic wave therapy a safe twenty minute medical treatment that breaks up blockages and repairs blood vessels no pills no pumps and no shots call nine one six three five two eight zero eight zero or visit a R. C. men's health dot com and get your sex life back today that's nine one six three five two eight zero eight zero HSA cards accepted offices in Sacramento the bay area and San Diego news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. land of America and the gateway to the west good morning good evening wherever you may be across the nation around the world on George nori walking to coach to coach stadium later on tonight we're going out of the space with Robert Zimmerman here's what's happening tragic story around a Boeing seven thirty seven eight hundred not the Max but in eight hundred passenger plane operated by Ukrainian airline crash minutes after take off from a ranch International Airport killing all on board there were conflicting reports about the number of people on board Ukraine's foreign ministry says that there were more than a hundred and sixty people on board Iran talks about a hundred and eighty very tragic the seven thirty seven eight hundred is a type of Boeing seven thirty seven plane that came before the seven thirty seven Max Tom and I fly a seven thirty seven eight hundred quite often it's a beautiful plain they are saying mechanical problems could have taken down that plane say prayer for all those people around is fired as many as fifteen ballistic missiles and to a rack targeting.

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