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Vacuum so that he didn't have to use a rainbow vacuum cleaner for that guy but I get what people want to put it into the football. If they're big fan they want to be part of it. Yeah well fair enough eight five five to four to seven to eight five eight five five to four to seven to eight five. We'll get back talk a little bit more about all the topics of the day and then I'll play this hardball Urban Meyer Sandwich. I don't even know what it is but apparently was talking trash about what what what was happening. Do we know spent he took a shot. We'll talk about that shot. In just Paul Finebaum show eight five five to four to seven to eight five eight five five to four to Paul Matt Jones Andrew Franklin Avenue Fun Day here on the Finebaum show I sitting here. I was sitting here all right so I'm GONNA do. I've got the new Phil Steele Book Right full of information most of it not necessary and so I wanted you what I was going to do is you. Just you give me a page number. He this this book has looks like five hundred pages. You give me a page number. Wait a minute three hundred page one through three hundred. I want to give you a fact two hundred fourteen two hundred fourteen so we go to page two hundred fourteen of the Phil Steele preview. That's East Carolina Pirates. It is their preview Phil. Here's why Phil Steele is is unnecessary. If you look at the Phil Steele Book He will tell you every statistic from East Carolina not just this year but like the last ten years that does seem unnecessary. Give me a position position on the football field side in tidying in case you're wondering Zach Zach Bird is the starter but Anthony Wally second-string Gerais Simpson Third Jerry Lewis Fourth and Nate Clark Fifth. If you are human being that is sitting out there going you know what I need to know the fifth-string tidy and on East Carolina I would say you should seek help and the fact that Phil Steele Nailing knows it but as anybody who's ever read magazine can attest writes it in the smallest type but they don't even make type that small. I find this book fascinating and I wonder if there's anyone in America that reads all of this. Do you think any anyone reads all of this. Do you think anyone outside of Carolina in that area. Maybe maybe we'll say their conference. Anyone has actually read the page that has East Carolina on it. I can't imagine they would so let me ask you a question. Do you know who the coaches at East Carolina John. I do not Mike Houston K. information another question. Can you name me a football player that played in East Carolina ever Chris Johnson. I didn't think you could get one aw that's right we because Kentucky plated mineral and Titans Guy out of a big deal he thinks the others no he's East Carolina Players Spencer in East Carolina players still looking up the song anytime anytime Spencer's not listening to the show. I think since Spencer in one of those L._S._U.. pod sleeping. I think I removed on Ashley. Spencer has been sleeping in the L._S._U.. Pods but the problem is college football though is just around the corner and you need to be ready for it Spitzer or we won't be doing a good show. Let's go to Blake in in Kentucky. What's up like I ma- how you doing first time calling the final show what's up? I anyway.

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