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About this is this is the end of silty much. A i've got some sniffles resolve Yes listen. I've gotta say considering. We're on lockdown in berlin doesn't feel very locked resort yesterday where for one and a lot of places open like cafes. A semi open accomplished shops. And i like that because it doesn't feel overwhelming or oppressive like another places a shot but it just it just feels like a kind of like a sunday went for a little bit of a war just quickly last night before the second champions league games kicked off and that was quite weird because everything was show on my block apart from beatty. I mean you do live in the internet. I mean sorry sorry. I did even slightly live here live. Our town has to be said about Never sleeps up this way you anyway. Good good ones you cooking channel stein knocking this. Can i say this is the thing. I absolutely fine because all know week. Many well if we're gonna Archetypes you on and vice versa. So just very quickly says that the other day you have to call the spices because that was a lot. Yeah there's a lot it was big. It was a big deal of the incident knows how hard to major events that people were following. This week was the us election in moussa's spice updates cooking adventures mba desktop spice spice. Yeah actual spice but yeah. You hanging in disavowed. You voted out. Yeah i'm very good. Cupcakes company case in the chamber. So be fine the so sweet absolutely full tweet money in the bank. Well before we get today show wanna say oversee. We hope everyone's doing okay. It's a pre nali week for people and them. I always feel a bit weird when this happens because we're in europe and it can be pretty stressful time for people. We hope everyone's doing alright anthem. Like we mentioned last week varies posse europe but now into lockdown as well. So if you're in europe and you're looking down. We hope treating you not to dreadfully. Saw we'll try and do a few things down help. Just kill some time. Maybe like we did the first time around. We actually did post a playlist on wednesday night which we made on spotify just a quick twenty twenty chain to our switching off playlist even if it provides some background music. If you follow this study out chose on spotify you'll find in there along with all of our the playlists. Maybe you should do the study session soon as well. Yeah i think so. They try and keep people company. Is you'll piece up for the ring. it's going up is going up a time you've heard this right. Yes should be should be a piece about rome. Madrid's y- nice chat the ring dot com forward slash. Talk also right. His house so to went up on wednesday it was very very wholesome. Yeah great fun. You're on that with genetic caught. Jae an right. It was his birthday a really good episode. Much-needed smiles spent the whole time. Listen to it. Smiling that's great. that's always. I'm trying to think of any other ottoman mussa Think nah not shake nine. Yeah we all right and said today. We're going to do a champions league episode again guided by the questions. The questions guide us through this murky. Nonsense feel away is full of champions. League cat fishery. Oh my goodness yeah so yeah. We'll get into after this all right mind. God is going to have to start with monday night again out me. No we don't have to you know we don't have to. I mean we probably should. We don't have to really have to be remedied into wants it. A classic fixture of football. He's saying that us akshay a manchester united wasn't a classic of pimple. Yes i'm saying that it was it was a fixture and it was a classic win professor extremes so from that perspective i want to talk about in that perspective and de opening goal is brilliant. You know it's funny like so. Deba- has obviously school to the most pivotal breakaway goals. In recent football one was obviously the chelsea one against liverpool for we to mari lewis said no question really becoming talk about data. Yes when question. Because they're getting. I wanted to talk about it from his perspective and also debbie balls to he is an excellent finisher and he has just had a great career has pretty much always turn on and off the field. I mean even with the whole thing about when the french came out and talked about africa Testing vaccines and data. Just came straight out messiah politically just on the case and was really passionate talk about racism effects africans even now. So he's someone that's like stood up off the field but on the field to minimal breakway goals of recent times in both cases had a lot to do so look at the chelsea liverpool breakaway. The to nell feel that basically startling for winning a year he had a lot to do after getting through off the jarrow slip and here when he gets to through the chest control. If lost touch on the halfway line doesn't get. It's not getting enough props. I'm seeing the commentary that i hops. That takes away from the outstanding a great finish and he's like thirty five now. I mean to be fair. He could have done a couple of pickups and still had a career on a goal. Yeah you say that. But the car was gaining on him and he he was ready his body. Like there's something about when you go to strike. Have the experience to get your body between the chasing player on the bowl. An i just think when he retires he is going to have the best arrangements.

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