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Casey affleck jonathan ames made made wrote the book you were never really here and the story okay the best thing there's so many great things about we need to talk about kevin if you have not seen this film i believe twenty eleven you need to check out we talk about kevin it's it's tough dark subject matter however it is riveting filmmaking and i can't say that i have you seen i have is unlike it's unlike almost every film seemed before it's so good and thirty minutes into that movie you're you're wondering what the motivation is for the characters why people hate tilda swinton character what's going on who's good who's bad what's happening narrative does a really interesting job of weaving in the store yet your your your time it's very confusing you're at least in my case you're still very invested and you're not at all board or confused really it's different to be confused and to not know what's going on you know what i mean yes i agree i wasn't confused we kept in some sort of suspend right now that happened the best part of you're never really here is probably similar to that however there's no the cat's out of the bag right away because you know walking phoenix stars in the moving and if you know anything about the movie it's about a man who's a war vet he's got some ptsd who he makes a living by going in and rescuing girls who have been sold in the sex track trafficking however she does the same thing here and like you would think that he's a serial killer or something for the first i don't know fifteen twenty twentyfive thirty minutes of the movie however there's no way that can work for anyone beyond like.

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