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To talk about that that could not be margerison well i guess i wonder if you can get away with these types of conversations and be very frank um because you are older and you know you of both experience a lot of life but also people give you a little leeway you know i i think that two words in your question that kind of answer the question you asked are the words getaway isn't it a shame that one as one fake said to talk about stuff we all are living through inhaling away with something i don't think any of these conversations callaway with anything i care to go there because because his life because it's being lived none of it is uh is made up like so much of what we listen to work with with china's scrape the barrel of our own experience to reveal some truth but nothing is off limits norman lear is the host of all of the above with norman lear from podcast one he's also a 2017 kennedy center honoree along with flurries stefan on inland richie why i find out more about his show hit a big listen dot org well we've almost reached the end of this week's episode get out of here but before we let you can go and stein four c a r h fly charge aggravate is our 60second mapping of the apple pie cash charts for not looking number one for even number one hundred lucky number twenty nine and if your podcast has reached the summit of number two eighty nine then shouted from the rooftops is that is quite an achievement friend okay so this week's to eighty nine as a show called just ask david thank you for joining us apparently david pollick is the beauty boom grill we were laughing before we got started one episode i listen to you talked with a woman named kelly richardson she's an industry expert in sunless tanning skin care you name it sunless tanning tip you wanna look tan but you don't wanna go through all the dangerous stuff i mean i've never looked in the mirror and been like.

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