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School district in the state to require all employees and staff get vaccinated. Against Covid 19. I just think it's going to be better for moving forward with in person instruction in the mandate. All South will be required to provide proof of vaccination by November 1st. However, the district will make exceptions for medical or religious reasons. The board also approved the $100 monetary incentives for students who control proof of the vaccine, the former Supreme Court justice leading an investigation into the state's November 2020 election results is now requesting any and all files related to that counts. Test. Michael Gableman, sending a letter to the Wisconsin Elections Commission asking commissioners to tell local clerks to preserve any and all records related to the election that includes computer router and access log information. The Commission earlier this year found no evidence of widespread voter fraud related to the November contest. Former Lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch announcing Thursday she's running for governor. During an interview with WTMJ Scott Waris. She says she supported the ongoing investigation into the state's election results. I think there needs to be an investigation that satisfies The folks who are deeply concerned about election integrity in the state of Wisconsin. And I think that once we have satisfied that we will retake the state of Wisconsin Kleefisch, one of a handful of Republicans hoping to challenge Tony Evers next year. Milwaukee County Sheriff Vernell Lucas has his eyes set on higher office Thursday, Lucas announced that he will be running for mayor of Milwaukee, becoming the second person to say they want to take the reins from current Mayor Tom Barrett, who is set to become the next U. S ambassador to Luxembourg. Louisiana rescheduling its fall elections because of Hurricane Ida reporter Do, Alfred Jones. Hurricane IDA has postponed Louisiana's fall elections. Governor John Bel Edwards has agreed to push them back by five weeks. The October statewide election. Will we now be held November 13th. If the runoff is needed, it will be held December. 11th Secretary of state Kyle Arden said holding the elections, as originally scheduled would be virtually impossible without impairing election integrity. Without rescheduling. Early voting would have started September 25th. That's before some areas are expected to see their power restored after the storm. Coming up. It's so easy A robot can sort of.

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