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Okay so we're going to continue that now and then emmanuel myself will meet again i think after this meeting but we wanted to get the opinion of some of the experts in the room we have great experts on both sides so we wanted to get the opinion of some of the experts very good numbers coming out on our businesses you're seeing the numbers that are getting released on our companies and our businesses that very strong the economy is is been really incredible unemployment now is at the lowest point ever in history in many many states the states were enumerated last night late last night the numbers came out and we've hit the lowest unemployment numbers in many cage in some cases and in some cases the lowest numbers period it was just reiterated that unemployment for african american families it's been the best in history for hispanic families the best in history for women the best in eighteen years and that's very close to going much higher than that so it's really something very special so we're very happy about that the president and i working on trade the trade with france is complicated because we have the european union i would rather deal just with france the union is very tough for us they have trade barriers that are unacceptable our farmers can't send their product into the european union easily as they should and we accept their product so we have to make a change and they understand that were negotiating wilbur steve and everybody would negotiating with the european union but it's been very unfair for a long time we had a trade deficit with the european union of one hundred fifty one billion dollars last year that's unacceptable this has been going on for many years and that's unacceptable the treasury secretary steve mnuchin will be going to china and a few days to negotiate on trade think china's very serious we're very serious we have no choice but to be very serious you know we've put on very substantial tariffs and that will continue unless we make a trade deal i think we're we've got a very good chance of making the.

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