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To be body positive is about much more than accepting your weight is about pushing back against what is considered sushi acceptable obese official on the conversation today, a woman in her twenties. Explains why her relationship with her breasts letter to create? The saggy boobs matter movement and the woman who describes herself as a fat activists explains why it's not about glorifying city but rather about fighting discrimination but can these online movements help women in real life News with. David. Austin US intelligence officials say spy-satellites. Have detected renewed activity at a North Korean factory which has in the past produced intercontinental ballistic missiles the reports come just, over a month after President. Trump said North Korea no longer posed a threat Zimbabwe's opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, says his his party is a head resoundingly after Monday's elections and he's ready, to form the next, government officials. From Zanu PF which has governed symboblic for more than forty years insist they're on track to retain power the former Congolese vice president and warlord Jean-Pierre Bemba says he. Intends to stand for the presidency in elections due in December but will accept the result if he loses he plans to return to the DRC this week from Belgium following the quashing of his conviction for, war crimes by the international. Criminal court rescue is in Indonesia have airlifted the last Molin five hundred stranded hikers off a, mountain on the island of Lombok with they'd been trapped by rockfalls triggered by. An earthquake many survivors, describe a terrifying ordeal A court in Indonesia. Has ordered the banning of the country's biggest Islamist group out to finding it guilty of carrying out acts. Of terrorism, and being linked to the Islamic state group the verdict comes a month after, the leader of Jabba unsure a dollar was. Sentenced to death for terrorism Afghan officials say roadside bomb has destroyed a passenger bus in the west of the country killing at least eleven people and wounding forty others at provincial spokesman played, v. Taliban for the attack US court has, ruled that. A museum in California can keep to sixteenth century masterpieces, looted by the Nazis during the second World War the life sized panels by the German painter Lucas Cranach the elder were. Originally seized. From Jewish art dealer BBC news Hello this is. The conversation the program that celebrates women who are doing things their. Own way I'm. Kim check. Annetta welcome If you were to go by what you see in TV and films. And magazines and on social, media he might be tempted to think, that there is a standard ideal for the female body. One that's set of stomach slim of hip and perky of breasts and anything that doesn't meet that model is somehow unacceptable there is thankfully now a resurgence and accounta- movement pushing against idea that your body has to conform to an unrealistic ideal in the studio. With me or to women who are working to change. The conversation around female bodies safely Hagan is an award-winning Danish, comedian. She's? Also, the creator of the. Made of human podcasts she describes herself as a feminist and the. Fat activist safety. Welcome. Hello She Darah Egger, rue isn't award-winning blogger and author he goes by the. Name slum flower online she's also creates the campaign saggy boobs matter who repulsed today notion that press should be firm and sprightly Jerry welcome thanks for having me when it comes to women's bodies there is a sense that they are somehow fake and anyone is. Able to scrutinize judge comment and criticize them in a. Way that doesn't really happen to men why don't you think, that. Is Oh is it Say. The, word patriarchy News coming coming That's always the beginning of any kind of Capitalism The whole body. Thing it's just another way of trying to both silence and control, women you. Know so it's, a it's a thing that makes us care so much about this thing and spend so much money on trying to modify our bodies look a certain way which is practically unobtainable so we don't have money to I don't know it's going. To sound, so basic but like. Static company all the time to get politics it's become dangerous because, now we. Know how we're, going to be so scrutinized if we are in the public eye at all so this basically created this world where it's just easier to be a man and that works. Quite well for them seats status Definitely it's the idea that women are told up bodies heads be, consumed rather than bodies to lived in and so it means, that we view. Ourselves through the lens of men, and that's particularly straight man but I find that it's. Often women policing other women criticizing other women it's not always just meant of course and the reason why is because you know. Women are under a system that forces us to judge each have then it, means that we continue to repeat that. Because it's And not. Policing includes calling a woman out for being fat rather than actually just allowing her, to exist on her own terms because you don't see that same criticism. When a woman is seen smoking and that's unfair because. Everybody is unhealthy and the runway some people aren't unhealthy relationships some people have unhealthy relationship with food regardless of the, level of half your relationship, is with your body it's not anybody's business to guilt trip. You about that ought to Russia into the process of repairing that relationship if you call yourself a fat activists and Jerry use the hashtag saggy boobs matter but I feel uneasy using the would fat and. Psyche to describe anyone just feels quite negative that you both embrace the term why is now the. Reason why you feel uneasy about using those times because as much as. Both of those words fat and psyche. Our objectives those objectives have been given a, different meaning which is negative so the word fat is frowned upon, because we're taught that to be fat means that you essentially A bad person and that is shown in how we treat fat. People and so people have a fear of being fat. Because it's associated with being about passing now the word sake is seen as negative because it's associated with aging and, women aren't allowed to age, and the process of aging is something that women are scorned. For whilst men are praised for and we see that in how are footsie with a silver FOX He's. Daddy you rarely ever see a woman. Being congratulated for aging if she, is being congratulated for aging is. That she looks like she's quote unquote aging backwards.

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