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Of Abraham sending you to where traffic tip line Hillsborough eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five still feels like spring out there today as temperatures continue to climb up to eighty this afternoon hanging just below the record of eighty three but it's mild and mostly clear through the evening with an overnight low of sixty five a weak cold front tomorrow brings a ten percent rain chance not much cooler but it will be less humid tomorrow with a high of seventy nine beautiful Saturday at seventy eight out of the water today north wins it tend not to like chop on the bay news channel a meteorologist Leigh Spann Hillsborough news radio WFLA one oh five point nine FM our money matters on your mind here's David Graham with today's money minute people are increasingly on their own when it comes to providing for their retirement so what is the best way to build your four oh one K. plan consistent savings you simply can't save enough always absolutely always be sure to contribute enough to your four one K. to qualify for any matching contributions so term poor will give you remember matching funds are like getting a hundred percent return on your money is simply ludicrous not to take advantage of any matching funds a role for the provisional pensions are all but unheard of in today's day and age so the four one K. plan was designed to fool that would give you a tax advantage way to save for your retirement if you're getting close to retirement I need help on what to do next just go to Graham capital advisors dot com listen to David Graham every Sunday at nine for guaranteeing your retirement on news radio WFLA okay class welcome to car leasing one oh one first take out your phones and go on the road out next car now you'll see simple crystal clear pricing okay that's it the questions yes Jackson wait so that's it that's it so enjoy your day so we welcome to the future of leasing Rhoda lets you choose from hundreds of cars to lease the pricing is crystal clear and will deliver the car right your house.

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